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  1. TodayI left my plant out for 30 mins after lights out. I'm about 5 weeks in flowering. Will this cause any damage or cause hermie?
  2. It's going to die. Tomorrow.
  3. haha....
  4. It shouldn't do anything, but that doesnt mean it can't. In nature the sun doesn't set at the exact same time everyday, there are small fluctuations.

    Realistically it should be fine, not much you can really do except continue your regular cycle and hope.
  5. Is the stuff on unexpected light + flowering theory or fact?

    I see a lot of people worried or even anal at the chance of light hitting their dark-cycling plants.

    It happens, can't really help it sometimes. Is it worth the loss of hair??

    Also, is the hermie-possibility dependent on if grown from seed, or clones from mother?

    Can a female cloned plant go haywire if the light cycles are messed with? (flower to veg reversal, light in dark-cycle, etc.)
  6. You have a much better chance of herming if just a little light gets on them for some time, like if you opened the door for an hour and light got into there. I just had an issue with my last grow, timer crapped out on me and my lights were on for 36hr straght, didn't have a problem, other than freaking me out. I like my plants to be on the same schedule as me so I constantly change by one hour whenever daylight savings time happens. I just shorten or lengthen by one hr and they don't care.
  7. Fact
    Both can hermie, if you grow from seed and don't have reliable seeds, it can happen more. Every once in a while I will find a few seeds in my buds, from the plant going herm late and did not even notice, if I planted those seeds they would have a greater chance of herming.
    Yes, any plant can go haywire, it has to do with stress (heat, water, light, cold, ect) when the plant goes into stress it's like it's own safety net, it thinks it's going to die and the only way to keep the species growing is to go hermie and make seeds for next year.:smoke:
  8. It sucks that growing legit depends on annually-renwed licenses.

    It's more suited to a life-time than a year-at-a-time (with uncertainty of future canibis-climate). Much to learn, many experiments that need doing..

    Anyways, I know people speak from experience here, as well as science.

    I don't know where my faith in plant intelligence & communication fits in. But a balance between a mechanistic approach and intuitive approach seems necessary.

    On one occasion my most beloved-house plant sent me visions that it was in trouble.

    There were fierce winds one night when I was working nightshift. My plant was on the balcony at home (10th floor).

    I "saw" my plant on its side near the thin (vertically-space) railings.

    When I returned in the morning it was as I "saw it", the plant was by the rails on the balcony floor. The ceramic pot that was holding the plant I discovered the next day smashed on the sidewalk below (oops).

    While I did have a very strong fondness/connection to this house plant (allowing the connection without effort), I am sure some sort of relationship can be developed with any plant.

    I don't mean staring bug-eyed at your plants chanting "don't go hermie" all day, but something organic and natural feeling.

    Maybe canibis plants won't go haywire if you just tell them what's happening...

    It's nothing you can take to the bank, but it's worth research or personal testing.
  9. Don't put the plant under any stress, and you have an almost 100% success rate. Good luck with the zen approach, I just try to give my plants a comfortable organic environment to grow in. I take care of her now, she takes care of me later.
  10. yeah i knew a guy who loved to show off the ladies. even while they were sleepin. he'd go in all willy nilly turning lights on and off and sure enough, snap crackle pop! seeds for days. that was enough proof for me. all his plants started as clones of 100% females. and more variables than light can cause it aswell. any extreme shock is a risk
  11. thanks all for the replies. yea im not too worried about it as it was only 30mins and the first time its had its schedule a little messed up.

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