oops 98* in my grow box help!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by masterdebater49, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. Ok so you all know I have a...

    2x2.5' stealth dresser
    four 23 watt CFLS
    1 80mm fan intake
    1 80mm fan exhaust
    1 stationary fan inside blowing through the lights at the exhaust
    3 plants ( 2 now =[ .. )

    Now i just started the 24/7 light last night before bed and when i got home from work at 7:30pm the temp read 98* and i found a dead plant! the other 2 were fine though.

    Im guessing I need more intake so im going to get another 80mm computer fan for that but the problem is until it gets here what can i do to keep the temp down so i dont kill my plants? I already removed 2 of bulbs for now and was thinking of giving the plants like 4 hours of dark so it can cool down in there =/
  2. I wouldn't mess with the light cycles to reduce temp. just open the door to the dresser or something, the plants are probably stressed out as is, fucking with their cycles will do nothing but cause problems. you just need bigger intake and exhuast sounds like. you should get a couple duct booster fans, they are cheap, easy to rig up and will do wonders for your dresser. good luck!
  3. stealth is a problem though the fans have to be silent like computer fans or close to it =/ also the reasoni cant leave a droor open.

    ill be getting some pics up tomorow to show you guys my setup so you can help but i need to figure out something tonight quick to reduce temp because i have a 12 hour workday tomorow and wont have time to do anything
  4. Where in your grow cab is your thermometer?

    You could try moving that fan you have blowing on the light -- sometimes a fan blowing on the light will direct the heat straight down onto the plants, just depends on the angle, shape of your reflector, etc. That could change it a few degrees but won't bring it down by 20...

    If you get an additional fan make it more fan-driven exhaust not intake. If your exhaust isn't big enough to get the warm air out quickly enough then adding more intake won't help, you can't push the air into the cab any faster than the exhaust will let it out.
  5. the thermometer is on the floor of the box directly next to the plants...basically it gets the same lighting and distance from light as the plant. is that not the right place??
  6. also would keeping a stationary fan directly blowing at the plants be bad??
  7. no , not bad. just make sure its on really low. or slightly higher with ocilation. sorry about the other suggestions, i havn't commented on too many stealth grows and the options are really limited.
  8. Well if the thermometer is on the floor then it is not the same distance from the light as the plants. You should measure at plant-top height, which should be several degrees warmer than what you're reading now.

    Fans inside the cab will help a tiny bit, but they are just blowing around the air that's already in there. To cool down that cab you have to displace that warm air with cooler air, apparently a lot more than you are getting done now.

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