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  1. Yesterday I was doing some house cleaning and I was spraying my window with windex and some of the windex was carried by my fan onto my plant and the soil... Please help me how do I clean it? its just a seedling and it looking fine this morning but I dont want anything bad to happen to it. If It absorbs the windex and it grows fully is it harmful to smoke?

    my questions:
    1. If my seedling absorbs it and it grows fully is it bad to smoke?
    2. Will my plant die?
    3. How can I clean it?!
  2. Am sure itll b fine.

    If youre really worried you could giv it a light misting to wash any off the surface.
    Remove the top cm of the soil and then top it up again before flushing them to get rid of (if any) windex what got into the soil
  3. 1. Your fine stop freaking out.
    2. Stop freaking out.
    3. Dont worry about it.

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