Ooops didnt think 'bout this one!!

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  1. I transplanted into a maxwell house coffee tin, will the rust (if it does form)harm the plant?
    This sucks i will prob re transplant into plastic, but in the meantime will it?
  2. I think I might ask the chem profe.
  3. Don't think FeO will react with any of the neutrients in the soil... If it does then only the outside areas of the soil will be affected. The worst that is going to happen is that some of the neutrients are reacted with the Fe or O- this would only happen in the case of Magnesium (which I think, if i'm not mistaken) is needed for the production of chlorophyl) which would probably displace the Fe or O to produce either MgFe or MgO which would probably not be absorbed by the plant. However only so much would react so there would probably be plenty of neuts left... If my chemistry lessons have served me well... if anyone has a degree/diploma in chemistry then feel free to correct me if i have made any mistakes...
  4. Yes

    When the rust comes in direct contact with the roots it will essentially burn/dry them.

    impurities/minerals in the soil and water is what causes the rust to advance quickly..This is why planters are made of material other than metals.

    Always use plastic or stone/clay pots...

  5. I will definatly take into consideration not using metal next time but 4 now I don't really care its just some seeds from my friend, when I get a very small hydro system i'll care more.

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