Ooooohhhh Man Leeds Fest!!!!

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by eome, May 30, 2002.

  1. I MAY ON AUG THE 23rd of this year be going to LEEDS FESTIVAL HEHEHEH... JUST DEPENDS ON WHETHER MY FRIEND CAN BE BOTHERED TO PICK UP THE TICKETS WOO HOO!!! Sorry for the caps I'm just very excited....

    Check out the set list!!!


  2. Just don't party too hard, ya wanna remember SOME of it!! :D :smoking:
  3. Hope you get to go mate, have a great time!!

  4. Did I see Guns n Roses on the roster?! Am I missing something, are they back together FINALLY?!??!!

    Sounds like a fun festival! Have fun & don't get TOO drunk!
  5. GnR ist back together, the only original member is that piece of shit axle rose. none of the other ppl in the band are originals.
  6. wtf dillinger escape plan and raging speedhorn on the same tour as sum41 and the strokes
  7. dude, if you go you gotta see andrew wk, hes awesome as hell live.
  8. Wahoo... Only 14 days till I go- I'm gonig the day before the fest to get a good spot... MWAHAHAHAHAHAH...

    ( I used to be known as eome for all you new people btw)
  9. i am soooooo jealous!! I hope you have a blast!

    the last time i went to an outdoor concert (nothing like the one you'll be seeing) it rained and was cold and windy. there were "mud people" and the whole mess. the wind was so strong that by the time the music got to us, we could barely hear it - and we were pretty close. but, i was tripped on a couple of hits of cid with a few good friends.... it was memerable, to say the least :D
  10. I've heard a lot about this on the urban 75 boards, cool band line up. I'd like to see the Yeah yeah yeahs and the dandy warhols. Missed the black rebel motorcycle club last trip through seattle, would have gone but never know when the old car beast will puke on me though. have fun and don't get too wasted unless that's what you intend to do then by all means go ahead.
  11. The Von Bondies I just got done downloading the album from a.b.s.mp3.garage group
  12. In the words of garth algar...

    "you KNOW I WILL..."
  13. I leave for the festival tomorrow... I am going a day early to get a decent spot and get a bit fucked the night before. THE FESTIVAL BEGINS TOMORROW FOR ME

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