oooooh I love addies..

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by thetoker, Nov 27, 2009.

  1. Gives me that tingly feeling all over, who else here loves addies?

    smoking a cigarette is the best thing on earth when on 'em...
  2. I love them. But, I have never had addies. Just Vyvanse and Ritalin.
  3. I love adderall. Popped 20mg yesterday at 6pm, another 20mg at around 11pm (I was at a concert) Now im fucked because im still fucking buzzing hard yet I cannot fall asleep. My body is telling me "sleep, tired" but my brain is going at 12100mph.

    I still love it.
  4. I wish I had some right now. I'll settle for a pot of coffee

  5. yeah i love em. ritalin sucks unless you snort it, and vyvanse is almost the same thing as adderall. it just it all l-amphetamine as opposed to a mixture of d-amphetamine and l-amphetamine. Personally I perfer vyvanse as its more of a chill high instead of a edgy one.
  6. I enjoy the high, but not the comedown. I guess that's how everyone feels though. Haha.
  7. get some benzos and it's all good
  8. Man, I love taking a shit load of adderall and just chilling and blazing with my friends. Not really "chilling" though considering no one can sit still and we're up all night.
  9. did about 160mg of vyvanse last night at about 12am so im still awake and ready for..well nothing! i dont mind the amp comedown but i rarely take amps so that might be why, and i drink water constatly like a fish too!
  10. Oh man,I fuckin love em.
  11. adderal is my true love. i get 2 40 milligrams for 5 dollars :D
    shit great. i only dont do it that much though cause its pretty bad for you. and i like sleeping and i cant seem to do that on adderal haha.
  12. Cigarettes on adderall are amazing, but cigarettes while on cid are better:(
  13. Damn,2 40's for 5?Nice man...I wish I had some right now...:(

  14. yeah the kid thinks where tight, but i only talk to him when i want the addies. lol. and same dude i want some now. but i dont have any money or a phone to hit the kid up :(
  15. Just ate two 30 mg Adderall brand ones.

    I prefer the generic 30 mg's over them though.
  16. You guys are so lucky, lol getting some next week for the first time :)
  17. I'm probably gonna be gettin some this weekend,hopefully.Aint had any in a long ass time.
  18. i love em except for the tolerance part of them...

  19. hahah true dat. your tolerance goes up fast and it takes months for it to go back down. :(
  20. My friend has the 70 mg vyvanse and she doesn't take them so from time to time I get some for free :D
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