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  1. I went out in a rush on sunday morning, figuring it'd be ok to leave all my stuff at home rather than take it with me.

    I lost everything, about £15 worth of salvia, and two pipes.
    and the other shit, lighters, skins, bags, screens ect(yes thats all i had) to my mum. as far as i knew she thru them away, damn.

    so far the hardest part was trying to convince her that salvias not weed and that i aint done it in ages (as u guys know, sept that one time a few weeks ago) and this is why i stopped, was gona be till i moved out.

    The worst part is, i only have one pipe. the other was my mates, i took the blame for everything, like a real mate should (knowing my dad, he'll go o.t.t and turn into a crazy probation officer type dude lol :p).

    So im gonna stay sober for a while, till i move out for real this time. i dont wanna bother risking having anything. im sure u can understand.

    The lesson here is, if u cant take it with you, it'd better be locked up.

    Stay stoned guys.
    p.s. i'll still be around, just not as much :p
    The grasscity funeral for george.

    Some of you may have remember me talking about george, my first bowl, i had a couple after but sold them on. i didnt want to have a upscale operation. But there was alot emotion tied in with george, i bought him the day i started. I always had him, and figured i always would. But george is gone now, to that great stash box in the sky. I'll awlays remember you buddy, you ment alot to me. :(

    (what a 1800th post! lol :p)
  2. In loving memory or George

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  3. Hey, man I feel for you. Im very sorry to here about george. :(
    Ive been there, the cops broke my first piece when I was like 16, it was right before I got my card so they didnt cite me, luckily.
  4. The weird thing was, this was the one time i went out leaving it there, and didnt worry about it lol. Strange, at least it was my 'Rents tho. I'd only have got a warning from the cops tho.
    come to thikn of it i wouldnt have even got that with just slavia on me would i? lol
  5. Its sad.

    I feel very fortunate that no one messes with my stuff no matter what it is.

    "the cops broke my first piece when I was like 16"

    Around here its foolish to take good pipes or pipes you're fond of outside the house because if cops happen to see them or find them on you, they either take them if theyre metal or of hard to break material but glass ones and easier to break ones, they make you stomp on them until its broken into pieces.And they wont leave until you break it and if you refuse to break it then they threaten with disorderly conduct fines and other crap like that.
  6. I thought I'd be ok, cause I was like a week away from getting my card. Plus the cops around here are more worried about the huge meth problem than weed, actually alot of cops have a stash or two of there own....
  7. card?

    The only problem here as far as "drugs" go is weed.Its the most popular around here by far and most dealers here either only deal in weed or its at least the majority of their business.Coccaine is seen rarely around here usually mostly just in black neighborhoods and even there its not common to see.And once in a while E tends to make its way around some of the nightclubs or parties but both are far from being a concern in police eyes.They heavily crack down on weed here b/c of the popularity of it.Almost everyone I know or have ever met has either smoked weed or still does.Most of them still do.Even teachers and cops and othe officials and authority figures are known to smoke weed.

    And when I was in high school weed brownies make it way around the school unknown to the majority of the school staff. roflmao Hell alot of people dealt in school.The funny thing is though they dont search lockers or make much of an effort to stop it.Except for the occasional anti-weed teacher who's hellbent on busting anyone they can.One year there was a principal like that there and he ended up tearing apart people's cars to search the car for weed and he even cut apart the upholstery on some of my friend's cars.Needless to say he didnt last long at that school before being fired roflmao


  8. Medical Marijuana card.
  9. What condition do you have? If you dont mind me asking.

    I thought they terminated that program in the US because I thought I heard something to that effect.Plus I knew the FBI was busting legitimate farms that produced medical marijuana in california at the very least destroying crops.
  10. I get some earth shattering migraines, and It helps with some minor ADD I have. turns it into really sharp creativnes instead of random, quick, thoughts.
    The feds are busting alot of opps but not in oregon, unless your growing too much and they get a tip off.

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