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  1. well, last night i picked up a very expensive (60 dollars) quad of gold caps. they were sold to me by a good friend, my xany and lucy hookup. this guy is ballin and hes a good pal. we chief all the time and hed told me these boomers were fire before he sold em to me. he made very sure i knew to eat only a little bit at a time, since they were so good...

    ... i ate an 8th.

    ...i didnt trip, so i got fucking hammered, and i dont drink ever. i was drinking strait kumchatcka (sp?) shot after shot after shot. no chasers, it was pretty vile. by about 1.30am i was completely plastered, but the tiny body buzz i got from the booms was gone. ended up barely makin it into my room before i hurled the contents of my stomach into my trashcan and barely made it onto my bed. slept til 12 and missed my 11.15 class... oh well.

    i told him i wasnt trippin at all and he looks at my eyes and hes like duuuuude theyre so dilated, your a douche for pullin that shit, i was like WTF man, im being dead serious!

    either way, last night sucked. i probably made a total ass of myself while being totally wasted. at least i didnt black out, so i know roughly the things i was sayin. i was drinkin with all my good dorm buddies, and i challenged my best friend to a fight, then the mushroom dude, then just told the whole room id kick all their asses rugby style (all joking of course)

    but yea, that never happened, i was trying to see if i could get with this chick who was there... i was definately too drunk and luckily didnt do anything to ruin future chances of that.

    annnnnyyywaaaayyyy the real point (if you can call it that) of this thread, is that im hopefully pickin up some naked ladies tonight. i told my friend i wanted to know the color, so i can check the latest reports, but for all the G/Ladies and kappa ladies and ladies in general, the reports were all MDMA HIGH.

    good news for me. im probably gonna pick up ten if i can afford it, they are 15 for singles, and if hes a good dude, he can probably give me a good break, and i love to thizz, so these will all be personals.

    its gonna be super hard not to thizz tonight, if i get them, i am going to make myself promise to not eat them unless i get them between 5-7

    if they get here before 7, im for sure, 100 percent thizzin tonight.

    i should really also mention the fact it was my 21st this weekend. i had a MAD party at my firends place. i provided the wine for my friends, i ate about 250mg of molly (blew 4 tiny lines of it too) and then ate about a half 8th of booms. smoked hella indo and i was having the best time of my life. no doubt candy/hippy flipping is the best thing on earth.

    that was my first time mixing e with anythin and boy did i ride that wave all the way to the beach. woke up the next day still a little buzzed and just started blazing more. spent the rest of saturday recovering/eating mad xanies and woke up at 7pm sunday.

    this all started at around 4am friday morning, when i got my friend from the county jail with his GF after his room got raided and he got popped. fuckin sucked, but we got him out that night with no bail needed, i got barred out at like 4am and went on a roadie and passed out when i got back.

    all in all, i did more drugs this weekend then i think i have in a while, and it was fucking AWESOME. if only i could get some LSD id have my weekend planned. now im 21 i may go see the two members of umphreys in the omega moos at a local bar friday night. id be goin with my friends GF who im sure will roll with me, maybe my friend if he even has a fake, and probably some other hot chicks i tend to go to shows with.

    man, being 21 is pretty good, even if ya dont drink.
  2. So I didn't really read much but happy birthday and I'm sorry you got bum mushrooms :(
  3. lol basically, i got bad shrooms, got wasted, had a great time till i basically fell onto my floor and managed to get to the can.

    this all followed a rediculously overindulgent birthday celebration starting thursday night after getting my friend outta jail, peakin friday night, ending last night. i candy flipped, rolled, shroomed twice, drank, smoked over a half ounce, drank and smoked maybe 5 pakcs of cigs, 2 cigars and several blunts.

    also, the high point of my life occcured on friday night...

    we are all HELLA faded. most are drunk and high, im peakin on my candy flip, my good girlfriend is peakin on her shrooms i gave her, im puffin a stogie and all of a sudden, my best friend whos at that point had 1.5 bottles of my wine walks outta his room in a green fluffy pimp robe and hat

    my other friend is pointing a nerf gun at him with one missile loaded. the pimp has an empty nerf gun and im jokingly holding my co2 bb gun....

    -Setting: Toms appartment

    -Situation: 21st birthday, severe intoxication from many things. Mike B walks out of his room, unannounced rocking giant green fluffy pimp hat and robe. While trying to battle Heavy T (Tom) with an empty nerf gun, I attempted to hand Mike B the 9mm...

    Mike B: "Im gonna shoot you Tom"

    Tom: " No your not, your out of ammo!!"

    Me: "YO *****, TAKE MY NINE!!!"

    *as Mike B reaches for the nine in my hand, from accross the table, Tom fires his single nerf dart into the side of Mike B's head, RIGHT INTO THE FUCKIN TEMPLE!!! sending him face first to the ground*

    Everyone: "OOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! OOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!"

    Marc: "Pimp down, PIMP DOWWWNNNNN!!!!!"

    -Happiest moment of my life.

    i think that was honestly the most hilarous thng ive ever seen. not only did he get shot in the face with a nerf dart, he was so drunk he fell with his hands at his side, face down onto the ground without trying to stop himself. it was like he got shot right thru the brain and we instantly burst into laughter that lasted about an hour. the pimp hat was a tall green fluffy top hat, like a mad hatter hat, it was sooooo silly! he fell so hard, and as everyones going OOOOOOHHHHHHH!!!!!! im crackin up on the couch, bent over in half yelling PIMP DOWN! PIMP DOWN!!!!! it could not have been more comical if it was staged.

    man, i love my friends.
  4. ahahahh that story is awesome.. Nerf guns. Man I forgot about those things
  5. pimp down, pimp #32 is down!
  6. booo no rolls. the guy turned around and drove home decided he as too lazy. fuck that shit.
  7. awhh youre fucked. im thinking about hippy flippin, sounds too fun. my 19th birthday is coming up and ive been itching to try a psychadelic out =)
  8. Is that the same as candy flipping? Rolling and lucy D?
  9. same sort of effects. i cant describe it other than amazing. didnt get all mind fucked liek on boomers, i was just rolling NUTS (ate a lottta molly.... like 1/4 of a g i had) and shrooms just made it ten million times more awesome. im tryin to trip and roll this wekened again

    its not happening right now, got screwed on two roll deals. no rolls yet.

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