oooh aaaah the colors..

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whaddya think??

  1. red?

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  2. blue?

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  3. orange?

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  4. pink?

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  5. aqua?

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  6. green?

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  7. this one.

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  1. someones curious about "this one"...hehe :smoke:
  2. lol i noticed it's been viewed 20 times but only voted on 4 times?! come on people, what's your favorite color?!

    green is too cliche for stoners. even though it looks good on me, i like BLUE.

    all shades of it even.
  3. ::wham!::
    cliche eh? i dunno ganj...i still get this lil tingely sensation when i see the color green..! mmmm..
  4. i know exactly what ya mean sensi
  5. i love the color green it makes me think about life, when i go outside and see all the green i really don't see the color i see life in everything. When i think about colors i think about cars, and theres not one color that can look good on every make and model of car. My fav color is black. My car is a 86 olds, and its a light blue, theres no other color that looks good on my model of car than blue (black looks the worst), i'm going to get my car repainted soon but in a really dark blue. Even after my car is repainted i'm sure it will still look shady, damn piece of shit 4-door. I'll post a pic of it someday.
  6. I've never been able to choose in between blue and black. Both are my favorite colors. I liked the color blue so much, my hair was that color for almost 3 yrs.
  7. i wanted to dye my hair blue but my parents wouldn't let me, well it would be black with 4-5inch long blue tips (my hair is shoulder lengh). I been talking about dying my hair all blood red and my parents don't seem to have a problem with that so i might try it. I just don't want to find out i look like a retard with red hair. My hairs brown, i hate it, it used to be light blond when i was a youngin, till i was about 8 years old then i got my mullet chopped off and it never grew back blond again. Damnit i should of just kept my mullet.

  8. 8 for 62. what do you people not have enough TIME to vote????? or is this poll not good enough for yeah? well guess what...I DONT KNOW. I was severly stoned when I thought of this and I was just :weep: trying to be creative with the colors of the lil lines that go across you see after you vote, but nooooooooooooooooooooo some of us are toooooooooooo (add something creatively derogatory here) to vote. well, hmph.
    yeah come, check it out, then what, dont click?? everyone likes to point and click right?!?!? I think you all got the hang of it !!!! its eeeeeeasy....!

    hehe. :smoking:
  9. Roy G Biv. =)
  10. Blue...I so love blue and green is next. I voted blue but really right now, with football here, orange is my favorite color. GO VOLS!
  11. What the fuck about purple?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!

    I'm not voting, because purple isn't there :p
  12. Tested Theory: Is there puple in the poll?
    Conclusion: No purple in the poll.
  13. hey, where's yellow?!? makes everything feel a warm and cozy.......

    and of course the yellow sun makes the green grass grow :D
  14. I picked green because I need alot of green these days. Green always brightens my days and sooths my nights.
  15. see who picks these colors for the polls? as we can repeats what if we ........ Changed things? I think yellow, the sunshine of my life, would fit quite, quite, snug with the others..
  16. only in a forum full of stoners can a poll about favorite colors be 2 pages long..

    i voted blue.
  17. Clearly the bubba who started this poll forgot some of the most common colours..... what the fuck is aqua???? Couldn't that have been yellow, or purple instead?

    Agghh!!! Cockass!!!!!!!!

  18. the color matches up with the color of it's bar, thats why
  19. That doesn't make it right.

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