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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by namron_420s, Feb 7, 2003.

  1. NEW YORK - A University of Tokyo professor claims he and his research team have developed a system that can make you 'invisible.'

    AP Photo

    Japanese Researcher Claims Invisible Technology
    (AP Video)

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    Engineering Professor Susumu Tachi is in the early stages of technology that he says will eventually enable camouflaged objects to be virtually transparent by wearing an optical device.

    Professor Tachi demonstrated the technology on Wednesday. In a photo of graduate student Kazutoshi Obana, it appears as if three men walking in the background can be seen 'through' Obana's green overcoat.

    The retroreflective material of the coat acts as a screen and gives a transparent - or invisible - effect.

    For the best effect - one that keeps the correct depth of focus - the observer needs to look through a pinhole.

    Tachi's second example shows the image of the skeleton being projected onto a sheet of the retroreflective material, giving the impression the body has become transparent.

    The technology could be useful in medicine, where surgeons might use it during operations to avoid having their fingers or surgical tools block their view.

    In aviation, cockpit floors could become 'invisible' to assist pilots in landing.

    Professor Tachi hopes to have a commercially viable system within a few years.

    tried a it wont post...later.
  2. i saw something similar on tv once... they have something that takes a picture of one side and transmits it to the otherside and it does this all around whatever it's on... this gives it the illusion that it's invisible... it was made more so for larger objects like entire people, tanks... military things.

    if you looked really closely it'd look like nothing more than heat waves shimmering over a hot surface.

  3. Just as long as u don't have vertigo...
  4. I've got one of them coats that makes you invisible. Let me attach a picture to prove it.

    photo attached by Big Poppa Puff, 02-07-2003 16:07
  5. HIGH All, *LOL* they must be making a mint.

    Here's me holding up one of the girls and I'm not hiding either.

    photo attached by unoit, 02-07-2003 16:36

  6. you guys stole my invisible jokes. a dollar short.
  7. LMAO Ya'll are a great bunch of pupils!
  8. is BPP posting pics of his penis again?
  9. HAHAHAHA, namron, that was kinda harsh!
  10. Could have been!
  11. yea the government has tried this experiment before, back in world war 2. I believe it was called The Philadelphia Project. It was where they tried to make a battleship invisible to radar by bending light rays around the hull of the ship to the other side. But something went actually did disapear.....then it returned with an erie green glow as told by eye witnesses. I know they tried the Philadelphia Project, yet not shure if the whole disapearing and green shit happened
  12. man thats insane ... it would be awsome to be invisible ... i would walk into the vault of a bank .. and steel a bunch of shit ...

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