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ooh ima a bad boy!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, Apr 19, 2003.

  1. Had to work in the swamp this morning with a co worker. I was out in the boonies while he leaned up against the tailgate of the truck handling the paperwork, i.e. fucking off while I did everything as usual. No sooner than I got into the woods but what did I find?

    A very fresh peeled snake skin. Copperhead shed and it was fresh, very fresh as in still wet and moist. And it was a big Copperhead snake that shed this one to. Full grown adult.

    Well being the good guy that I am, i think I need to share my discovery with my co-worker. Rememebring that he is deathly afraid of all snakes and creepy crawly things, I hold the fresh snake skin in my hands, behind my back so he won't get scared seeing me walk out of the woods with a snake.

    I walk right up beside him and ask" Hey Buddy, guess what I just found in the swamp?"

    "what?" he mumbles, not looking up from his paperwork.

    "This!!!!" I answer as I toss the snake skin across his paperwork and hands. :D

    And then he jumped out of his skin and called me a few words that I can't repeat in public. And he asked me why do I always have to fuck with him.
  2. lol good story man :)
  3. lol, good stuff BPP. maybe he'll get the hint and stop fucking around?
  4. so you just pick snakes up eh?

    well that rocks! cause I wouldve done the same thing esp for the fact hes got issues with the snakes. lol ha!

  5. Snake skin, the snake had just shed his outer layer of skin.

    Hell No! I wouldn't pick up a live copperhead. They are fairly docile as snakes go, but they are extremely poisonous.
  6. i did that to someone who hated spiders, he freaks out at the sight of them. i had a really big wolf spider in a jar, when he saw it he flipped, jumped straight up and turned in mid air. i laughed my ass off, it was kinda mean, but i smoked him out hard core after that so it was all good. i didn't throw it at him or anything, that would have just been cruel, he hadn't done anything to deserve that.

    that is funny as hell bpp, did the snake skin survive? those things are so cool, i have never seen a shed copperhead skin, i can never seem to find those, usually just king snakes.
  7. boys are gross! :D
    now didya wash your hands reeaaal good after you was done playin with a dead skinn eh?now did ya, eh,eh?

    (boys :rolleyes: not really,...
    the purtiest lil girl asked me if i wanted to pet her pet slug this afternoon, said no and what the heck ya wanna play with somthing that looks a liitttle too much like a leech,imo. and please take it oout of my house.) i made her wash her hands before she went home

  8. I love it when you're a bad boy, Poppa!!! :) I think it's funny.

    Slugs, Higha...UGH! They were eating them on Fear Factor the other night. She didn't eat one, did she? If she did, you owe her $50,000!!!
  9. This made my day.. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one that does this..

    I had a good employee quit one day because I dug into a nest of copperheads and the dumped them out kinda close to him.. He called to let me know that he quit. All i seen was a-hole and elbows!!
  10. LOL
    u silly basterd :p
    sounds like it was fun tho
    n sounds like he'll get to work next time thinkin bout all them snakes around :p

  11. haha

  12. LOL OK, I didnt think that was right, picking up one of those big bad boys. my dumb! can you tell I dont know JACK about snakes?

    lol, and SLUGS, UGH! those things creep up on my deck steps in the summer time when its all dewy out. can I just tell you how unpleasant it is when you go outside, a beautiful morning sunrise, and step out onto the deck, looking into the sunshine rays, and suddenly a big fat mushy slimmy slug mushes its cold wet slimmy way in between my toes?! its gross! blah!

  13. I didn't do it on purpose. It didn't matter to him though!

  14. copperhead venom isn't all that toxic. if you got bitten by one you'd probably only get a little sick, and be in a lot of pain where you got bit.

    their venom is only dangerous to infants, the very elderly, and some people with bad luck (ie. their bodies have a bad reaction or whatever).
  15. Copperheads are not as poisonous as some other snakes, But they are still not to be taken lightly!

    I had a cousin who was bit on the ass. Yes he was taking a crap in the edge of the woods. Anyway it was a couple of hours before he was treated for the bite. Now he has two holes in his rear..

    This reminds me of a joke..

    These two kids rode their bikes out into the country.
    They stoped in a wooded area to take a piss.
    One of the boys got snake bitten on his penis.
    He told the other boy to go get the doctor.

    The other boy rides his ass off back to town and found the doctor.
    The doctor was getting ready to deliver a baby and told the boy to cut an X on the bite and suck out the vinum. the doc said he would be there as fast as he could.

    The boy rode back to the other kid and told him that the doctor was busy delivering a baby.

    But what about me asked the bitten boy?
    The doc said your gonna die motherfucker, your gonna die!
  16. LOL that's so wrong!

    "you're gonna die mother fucker"

  17. haha, sounds like he diserves it....

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