oo-ooh, that smell.

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    if i had cannabis growing in my house and were beginning to notice the smell (still during vegetative stage), despite being a person noted for having a poor sense of smell. how likely would the stuff become whiffable from outdoors in the fullness of time?

    outside air smells like outside air at this juncture, to myself at least. slide-up-to-open windows which i keep locked and never open anyway. would caulk be worthwhile perhaps?

    two-bedroom house on half a suburban acre. bank mortgage, no landlord. personal no-visitor policy. ground zero would be a centrally located walk-in closet. paranoid or simply thinking ahead? you be the judge.
  2. get a carbon filter... but it has to be on 24/7, if i turn my filter fan off for like 15 min , my whole house stinks... but with it on ive had people on the other side of the door and not know I had a grow op

    just vent to outside the room.. so its constantly changing air in the room
  3. Personally I would run with a carbon filter no matter what the situation was. Peace of mind is better than having to deal with smells when an unwanted visitor knocks.
  4. where might such a device be purchased for cash? would retailers give me that nod of knowing like they did the day i asked about a soil ph tester?

    ok, maybe it's all in my head.
  5. you can make your own if you want to go the cheap route, which everyone loves. Otherwise, you can get them at any hydroponic store, but they'll run a pretty penny.
  6. Any grow shop....for cash. Online from places like HTGSupply.com or Amazon.

    Make sure to get one that can AT LEAST accommodate your grow area. You'll want a fan and a filter that meet your cubic footprint, measured in cfm (cubic feet per minute). You can calculate your footprint by multiplying W x L x H (in feet) to obtain the total cubic feet. Then divide this number by 5 to determine the proper filter size needed.

    For example, if your grow area is 8x8x8ft, it contains 512 cu.ft. To treat this area in 5 minutes, you would need to use a fan with a cfm rating of approx 102 (or greater).
  7. I pull one plant out of my room for ten minutes and the entire house smells. Granted y house is only 2000 square feet but I mean stinks the whole place out. Put em back in the room. No smell. With a filter you could toss a dead body in there and no one would smell it. And they stink pretty bad
  8. I've (thankfully) never smelled a dead body before/yet, but I can tell you that cannabis that is growing and especially budding gets VERY stinky. My first grow is just into week 2 flower and it's just starting to bud. You could smell these plants in my 3 story home, from the basement up to the top floor....and when I added my 400cfm 6" inline fan + carbon filter it completely scrubbed the smell.
  9. you can get activated carbon (the stuff in the filters) from brewig stores they use it to filter spirits after brewing its the same stuff. just put it in a bucket with a lid then make a fitting on the lid for your airhose then put some fine netting on the bottom of the bucket and drill holes a bunch of them then fill the bucket with carbon and voila you got yourself a ghetto carbon filter. best way is to suck air from the room throgh the filter but this "design" is made for blowing into.
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    so is this the same stuff found inside household water filters? i may have some of those lying around, many years old but still in the sealed pouch.

    so you suggest running the filter fan intermittently for a few minutes at a time (in addition to a 24/7 box fan on "medium")? would that be to make the carbonstuffs last longer?
  11. no run the fan constantly it starts smelling like bob marleys cabin in the woods as soon as you turn off the fan.
  12. You have to get a real carbon filter, not a bag of old charcoal. Don't forget that you have to bring air into the room as well as exhausting it.

  13. indeed that was my first thought. i'm obviously failing to understand the significance of the "5 minutes" figure mentioned above.

    (well, that is about how long it takes to stop noticing the smell after entering the house. again, being olfactorily below average.)
  14. i think he ment compleatly replace the air in the room evey five minutes. so the air is replaces 12 times an hour

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