onwers taking afters there dogs?

Discussion in 'General' started by dr_krapp, Mar 8, 2004.

  1. or dogs taking after there owners, my dog has fallen asleep on my bed with her hed on the pillow and paws on the tv controller, thats how i sleep lol.
  2. Hahahaha Now that's funny.. I don't let owners on my bed...

    I meant pets.. LOL

    Was the dog watching Lassie??
  3. I wouldnt let my dog sleep anywhere else other than my bed.
  4. my dog sleeps on y bed till i go to bed, then she fecks of onto the soft chair in my room lol
  5. every morning, shadow the damn bastard comes in and wakes me up, and as soon as i get up, BAM! he gets on my bed and falls asleep...

    bastard tricks me everytime, i always think he wants to go play or something, but no, he just wants to jack my bed...

  6. yep, i get this one too. she stands at the door to my room so i go to let her out and she runs over and jumps on my bed.

    i swear she waits till the point where i cant be arsed to go to bed agian cos i gotta get ready for work.

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