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    Super excited about this, second try. First was buying a clone that didn't root like 17 years ago. Coco Coir for a growing medium with 2 plants in a 2x2 tent using a 250w MH from start to finish, Using GH nutes. Using on old highbay w/new bulb and cheap af reflector, and a borrowed fan that sucks, very well, creating a constant air flow stimulating the plants, no intake fan.
    DSC_0420.JPG At the third week.


    View attachment 2145303 about 8 inches tall with tight nodes and a stem about as thick as a pencil!

    View attachment 2145304 topped this one, thought i topped then too, apparently i missed. Nice and bushy looking.

    Both are Hoa Bac x Xd11, fed with GH Flora Grow, Flora Bloom, and Armor Si. PHing around 5.8-6.7
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