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Ontario/World grows: PLanting times

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Green First, May 16, 2006.

  1. When is everyone planting outdoors......can you explain with lat and time and strain.....this would help alot of us out there for my self this is how is goes......

    My Strains:
    WHite widow, passion 1 and Quebec Big Bud (freezeland backcrossed) @ 46 roughty.

    Im thinking of going out this weekend May 20 or so......whats everyone doing?......i guess the questions gos to feel free to respond if your not in ontario.....

    And if anyone has any strong knowledge of this coming season or links to it would help to .....again ++ thanks
  2. Anyone???? thats wky overgrow was the best site outthere,....anyway thats no longer ....:mad:
  3. Takes time dude...there are ALOT of threads right now, and Ontario? you live in Ontario?
  4. I always thought the mods. on OG were pretty stupid. But perhaps it was me.
  5. Southeastern, April 13th 70/30 Indica

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