Ontario tokers!

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  1. I've just joined GC but i've been using these forums for a long time for the information it gives. Basically, I've been living up in North Bay, Ontario area (705) for 18 years, its getting pretty boring now and I'm really just posting to see who all uses GC and lives around my area, maybe even meet up with a few people and chill or smoke a sesh.. who knows?!..
  2. Grimsby about 10 minutes from Hamilton, all there really is to do here is toke
  3. Niagara Falls :D
  4. London, Ontario

  5. i know that feeling bro!

  6. Haha dude my Dad used to live on Drummond road, ima be in the falls tomorrow
  7. gotta post it.... :) :bongin:

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-A9c6VNeRQ&feature=related]The Three Stooges (Niagara Falls Skit) - YouTube[/ame]
  8. Stratford duude
  9. Hello fellow Ontarian!
  10. Toronto and maple.
  11. I'm From North  Bay , Just moved here. So if anyone from North bay want's to chill, Pm me.
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    From Toronto but I live in NY. Trying to move back up there though fuckin hate ny. Nothing like beautiful Ontario man

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  13. I wish I was in the USA, So hard to get green card. 
  14. Ny doesn't have medical programs and why would you Canada has wayy better weed

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  15. Belleville ontario for myself. Currently on a t break sadly
  16. If you have the right contacts and trust me, when you are not in school, not easy to find :(
    A couple of years ago, my office was ordering from BC by mail, man I miss does days. We add amazing stuff, many choices,
    So wish I would of keep that contact. 
  17. Belleville, Man that is like north bay. Not much happening...
  18. Ikr everyone here puffs cigarettes. If i get a chance to go to north bay we should burn some
  19. for sure man, just msg me. 

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