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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Mokin14, Feb 17, 2009.

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    Hi, I live in Ontario and I have a few questions about growing up here

    * When should i start my plants inside my house in a little grow box i made?

    * When should i put them outside once they start growing?

    * Could I use organic soil to start my seedlings out?

    * And are there any Tips or Tricks to growing Outdoors that would help me?

    Im just wondering cause im sick of buying bud, when I could just grow it.

    Thank you.
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    Comon people NEED help here i have done alot of researching since I've joined and Im just stuck on these ones?:smoke:
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    - Putting them 1st inside is not necessary if it's not too cold where you are. To do all outdoors, you need no frosts between April until mid October. Choose an early finsihing strain to be sure. GHS WW or other WW, Early misty, Mandala 1, Northern lights etc...
    - If you start inside you can start now if it's too cold where you are (freezeing). Don't veg them too long to not have unconcealable beasts. Indica hybrids are shorter.
    - Seedboutique, Attitude, Dr Chronics are all legit.
    - Put out or start after last frosts.
    - Don't use rich manured soil until 1st month. Don't place roots on manures (separate) when you plant in the holes or pot. You can use 3/4 good potting soil and local 'normal' dirt for seedlings or 1/2 peat, 1/2 normal, all these don't burn.
    - Read the stickies for scouting, stealth, watering and more details.

    Ok man?:smoke:
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    I was thinking of just using bagseed and ill be starting 6 inside a little like almost 2 foot tall and a foot wide grow box and im gonna start the first week of march inside then plant after 3-4 weeks is this ok?
  5. I am growing in the NW, you're SURE that GHS WW is a early finisher? I've been wanting to grow that but I believe I may have to do Early misty or something like that. I was looking at the seed banks and they all say the WW finishes outdoor in mid october...
  6. OldPork finsihed his on Sept 15-30, earlier than what was indicated.
  7. when did he start? nvm I'll search it.
  8. end of April if I remember well (regular Spring timing).
  9. And does anyone know bout the organic soil starting and finishing the whole plant and maybe when i transplant ill add some fertilizer?
  10. Mokin,
    Hey dude I grew up in your neck of the woods and im still in
    contact with a few friends out there.

    1. If you want big plants I would suggest you start
    your plants indoors now in order to get them a fair size.

    2. Ontario has been weird the last few years and there is no real date
    as to when you can put out your plants just make sure there is not frost sceduled.
    last year you could have gotton away with the end of april...the year before that
    was may 24 weekend so just watch the weather network starting near the end of april
    and then you be the judge, once the frost has passed plant em.

    3. You could use organic soil if you wanted.

    4. my tip for growing outdoors is practise makes perfect. Dont expect to grow pounds
    of pot your first few years...and above all stay safe.

  11. Thanks alot Im not giong for the biggest just for a decent outdoor plant

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