Ontario Grow Help Part 2/2

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by shootenemup07, Aug 24, 2007.

  1. My second question is whether this plant is male or hermi. It was female the whole summer then just like turned the last 4 days and started to get balls at the top of the plant. will it still get bud?(First 4 Pics).Finally the last 6 pics are the remaining two i have left from the 9 i started with. Anything look noticeable wrong or do they look fine?

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  2. Good to see Ontarians growing! And yes it's a hermie, it will still get buds I believe (obviously there is already big buds growing). Look at it this way you get seeds for next year well still getting big buds. Hurrah? Sorry your plant got a sex change :(
  3. Try not to let it pollenize the rest of your girls though.
  4. Hehe yeah Ontario im South Western.

  5. i usually try and get out there every couple of days but today coming back i definitely saw a chopper right above me, and me being a dumb ass wearing a red coat, i figure he definitely saw me. Just wondering though how much distance can a plant be pollinized by a male/herm. cause i moved that herm away from the others but didnt want to kill it just cause i figure i can give some of the bud off it to dumb kids it about 20 ft away separated by small shrubber and bush. Also how much like weed plants are needed to be detected by those thermal guns they use.

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