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Ontario General Weed Prices

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by firewall1, Dec 30, 2008.

  1. could someone dead ass PM me, if you got a Canada connect. In NY $20 will get you a gram if your lucky. These $10 grams sound sick. Imma be in Brampton for a week, might hit up Mississauga. I asked around a few delis and gas stations around the hotel, but nobody was holding so i just went to drink. [Legal drinkin age is 19 here! =P]

    BTW seems like everything besides the bars close around 9-10pm. What do you guys do for fun around in Canada?

    Please PM. Thanks!
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    Everything in this thread is very true. Once I said eighth and got the dirtiest look shot at me, and usually I'd get a "half-quarter" for around $25.00 for what these boards'd call "dank". Reguardless, these are the average prices for someone who knows people and has connections; I think that's the key of getting a deal anywhere...
    It's crazy hearing of someone paying over $10 for a gram, though.

    Honestly, if you're in Brampton - for fun it's going to be smoke weed :)
  3. haha, yea its seems pretty...i dunno here, some waitress at another bar around here said the only place to chill in brampton at night is called the Frigade and Firkin??? Anyways I just went to the Pacific Mall today. and now im back just chillin at the hotel. Might go out for drinks later tonight (4th of July W00T!)
  4. Those prices are all pretty much what im getting near guelph/toronto. Also haha i've been made fun of for the whole half quarter thing on here before, guess its a ontario slang kinda thing
  5. haha shit i go to school near there lol
  6. kush in aurora whats the price ona pound
  7. hello fellow hamiltonian :)

    if you dont mind me asking, up the mountain or down?

    i got me a nice little place right by ivor wynne :p

    and yah, when you ask for "X amount of dollars worth of weed" people tend not to want to tell you how much your getting. i sugguest you start using weights
  8. I'd say these are the most accurate prices for my area as well in the East GTA.
    Prices spiked for a couple weeks in the summer after that big bust. Everythings back to normal now though.. feds will never win.

    Anyway I definitely always call it a half-quarter. We love our 'poppers' here too :)
  9. Picked up an ounce of londonian DANK today for 210 :smoke:
  10. sup guys/gals this is for everyone that reads this lol but if you live in the ottawa area and are looking to buy a pound of dope for about $1400 just reply to this and we'll work something out, the kind of weed i got is outdoor white widow and its the best outdoor i've ever seen, some of my buddies say it's pretty good for outdoor so if interested just reply.
  11. i've used eighth and all my dealers reply with 'Wat?' but yeah these prices are pretty much average for ontario, though id never pay more than 15 a gram u nless it sticks to my hands like glue
  12. dude in ontario you shouldn't be paying more than $10/gram even for the dankest of dank. Anyone charging more is ripping you off because they know you don't have proper connections.

  13. This^^

    Id never pay more that 10/g for ANY weed lol.

  14. How much should I be paying for an oz of headies in Toronto? I don't live in the city so dank is a bit more expensive and I'm through smoking mids.
  15. I've only ever bought in grams and have never paid more than $10 for 1g.
  16. Accurate and informative for the unknowing.
  17. from toronto too and ive always called it a half quarter. this is basically the terminalogy i use...

    1g - deego, deegz, dime
    2g - twenty sac
    3.5g - half quarter
    7g - quarter
    14g - half oz.
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    Yes, an eighth is half of a fucking quarter moron.
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    OP I was totally gonna write a thread like this in general forum for general area and price, but I found this more specific thread first (location), anyway those prices are the ones in Toronto ( south west GTA).

    Damn Straight it's called 'half a quarter', and yes mathematically its 1/8 but it sounds better. Yes 'sounds better', so you better get used to it.
  20. I think the most I've paid in onatario for weed was 40 dollars for a hq of purple kush. It was delivered to my friends door though so I expect the expense was because of that. Usually when I buy dank I get it for 30-35 for a hq. I've never really bought more than that in canada but I may try to pick up a half oz or an oz sometime lol

    In the K/W or Mississauga area how much would an ounce of dank run? I'm hoping around 180-200 so me and my friend can have a nice stash for at least a few weeks :D

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