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Ontario Buddz` RoseBud Harvest / Purple Urkle Pickup ~

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by sifika, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. #1 sifika, Sep 27, 2009
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    Whats up GC, I recently harvested my indoor plants and cured the batch. the strain is a mix of Jamaican x Skunk x Colombian, and it is named Rosebud. A very dense bud that has a strong pungent aroma.

    Here is a review from Vancouver seed bank;

    "Mostly Sativa. This 3 strain combination of Columbian/ Skunk/Jamaican will produce a plant not found anywhere. Grows very large, with loads of small, dense buds from top to bottom of each branch and main stem.
    The flavor is outstanding with an incredible high."

    Onto the pictures !!! :smoking::smoking:






    Some pictures of a recent pickup, the budd is Ontario grown, Purple Urkle.




  2. oh wow. i wanna fuck those purps.
  3. Haha thanks man, the Purple Urkle has a sick smell to it!!
  4. I have to say that rosebud is tres bon!!
  5. The purp looks sickkkk
  6. dat shit looks good...especially the purp!! is it fruity??
  7. Congrats on the harvest dude, that looks very nice! How does that smoke compared to the purple?
  8. Ive never come across anything that purple in toronto. Fuck you. lol jks but nice pickup and ur grow looks fucken dank
  9. very unique bud structure on that purple urkle, almost like maui grown, with very large bracts, you sir are a lucky man
  10. that rosebud looks nice but i think the buds on the purpl look like kinda skimpy or something but i sure would like to smoke it tho
  11. Thanks dude, it was a pretty rewarding harvest. The RoseBud is very dense and wet, the smoke is very thick. The high from the Rosebud is very sativa like, strong head high almost headaches if you smoke too much.

    The purple urkle is a strange strain, the high creeps up as a dominant sativa about 5-10 minutes after a bong hit. The taste is spectacular, almost fruity even!:smoking::smoking::smoking:

  12. The purple is outdoors, that's the way the plant had to stretch for the lights, basicly they were forced to grow apart more than they should.

    Now time for me to pack a bowl of that purp cuzz I got the same pickup :D:smoking:
  13. nice purple nugggzz i wish i had some purp :(
    lol how much did it run u ??
    ppl round here would tax like crazy for something like that

  14. 8 grams for 70 ;)
  15. rosebud is a strain i was really interested in growing but attitude has been out o stock on it. how does it taste? looks like you got some killer nugs
  16. damnn i love that purp:smoking:
  17. seeing this makes me feel stupid.

    i need a good dealer LOL i get mids at best lol
  18. #18 kirill, Sep 29, 2009
    Last edited: Sep 29, 2009

    LOL!! Cheers from Mississauga ;)....

    ...don't feel too bad bout that though, the dealer the purps came from also used to chop MAD china and stress back in the day.... than one day it clicked and HE got a good link... hehehhe.....Sifika and I have been great clients ever since... :bongin:
  19. i live in TO, just in london for school..
    i'd be willing to make the drive to pick up on my visits home


  20. Word...

    ..down at UWO eh??

    ...shouldn't be THAT hard to find some grade A shit down there, ....welll at least I'd hope so.... best of luck finding that green dragon!! ahaha

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