Only two kinds of people in this world deserve to live

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  1. The beautiful and the successful.

    If you are neither, you can always work towards the latter.
  2. New Jersey...respect.

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    I'm successfully beautiful.
  5. SO what if I'm ugly and unsuccessful? Does this mean I am to be slaughtered among millions like hitler did during the world war 2 era?
  6. no you should just kill yourself
  7. really you have a point there
  8. Are you a Republican OP ?
  9. :laughing:This, is the universal truth.

  10. actually on a purely biological level it is the truth

    all that matters is acquiring resources and getting laid (to pass on genes).

    we all know rich guys get laid more and have more resources so . . . .
  11. Opinions opinions opinions
  12. Too bad I'm the only beautiful and successful person on this planet.
  13. yes, being beautiful and successful is the only way you will make it IN SOCIETY...

    who says you have to be with society?
  14. Jesus and Grandma
  15. if ugly unsuccessful people didn't exist, the beautiful would have nobody to be compared to, thus making their beauty worthless since everyone else is just as or more beautiful.

    same can be said about the successful people.

    or not. im high, and im not ugly so i dont give a shit lol
  16. op is neither..
  17. I'm neither. What do I do now?
  18. Mom always said I was beautiful.

    I had cereal for I feel pretty successful.
  19. Um, where do the slaves come in?

    Successful has always used slaves to build massive temples to impress the beautiful...
  20. Beauty and success are both relative.

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