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Only true stoners click here

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Bobmarleyo21, May 14, 2010.

  1. If your a true stoner u probably have this problem like I do. Half the time when i'm sober and I feel hungry or starving I go to eat some food but 2 to 3 bites in i feel really full for some reason and its hard to eat anymore food. Even though at the bottom of your stomach you still feel hungry but you just cant eat food sober.
    How many people does this happen too? Cuz its happens to me every single day during breakfast and it sucks
  2. since ur discussing sobriety, check ur nutritional intake. ur breakfast appetite depends on how much u ate the night before
  3. This doesn't happen to me.
    Nor does that mean I'm not a 'true stoner'.
  4. Yea man if you don't eat when you're not high you're not a true stoner!

    Insane what people are coming up with nowadays.. Stop eating so much the meal before, or hey, maybe even go for a run, or play a sport? Burn calories - get hungry. Weird, but believe it or not, it works!
  5. Never happened to me.

    Agreed. How does that make you a 'true stoner'?
  6. If you are trying to set limits on who can and can't be a true stoner, then you are not a true stoner.

  7. So, if I'm reading this chart right, if I want to go play one-on-one against a girl while sitting in a wheelchair, I should eat more fruits before 9AM?

    Sorry, couldn't resist. Rather odd cartoons going on there...:D
  8. I find that I can wake up hungry, take some bong rips and forget about eating:smoking:
  9. if this doesnt happen to u then don't dis the thread
  10. I know its hard to not get stoned before every meal, but you can do it.

    I believe in you.

  11. haha thats fucking hilarious :D

  12. Shh. Don't make a thread for "ONLY TRUE STONERS" then when REAL STONERS come in and disprove you, you tell them to leave.

  13. You think you are a true stoner because you dont like eating if you are not high? You are messed up man...

  14. well sorry hot shot stoner for trying to think of a catchy title to bring viewers don't fuckin hate:smoking:

    if u guys smoked as much ganja as I do I would of thought that more ppl than me had this eating problem while sober too

  15. thats not it at all...I can only eat a couple bites of food when I'm not high before feeling full

    fuck I feel like know one understands what i'm trying to say here...
  16. i have a mild eating problem while im not high. its nothing horrible but sometimes im just not as hungry sober. probably cuz i eat so much when i am high and my stomachs annoyed with me.. idk :p but usually water makes me hungry..try it?
  17. ^^yea sorry man nobody does.... it probably doesn't have to do with your smoking. Search just that feeling on the web, theres probably something wrong with your tummy.
  18. You sir are ridiculos. Im pretty sure we smoke as much ganja as you. :p or are you just a ganja monster?
  19. that chart isn't even correct. its actually less healthful to follow that diet than several others.

    a diet most similar to a meditterranean diet is what you should follow.

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