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Only Time Ive Ever Had Edibles Was Awful.

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by phaulcks, May 20, 2013.

  1. So here is my story of adventures with edibles.
            buy brownie off of friend for 5$.
            eat brownie at 11:20. (Tastes kinda nasty, very dry for a brownie and has bits of bud in it.)
            eat a subway foot long at 11:35 with some friends. ( feeling the effects a lil bit)
            realize i am completely nuked at about 12:00ish.
            proceed to throw up at about 1:40.
            feel like i have the flu and almost puke again.
            be at home from 3:00 to 6:00 asleep
            wake up groggy and starving
            go to sharis for a pie shake and feel better (pie shakes is when they put a piece of pie in a blender with vanilla ice cream and blend a shake for you its the most amazing thing ever)
    Is this normal for anyone else?

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    Did you go ape shit on that sub and get a tummy ache? That and/or you greened out.
  3. Brownie for $5?
  4. Probably ate too much.  I doubt that it was the edible because the high is usually pretty gradual in going and pretty mellow with edibles. Also @[member="Bluedynamite"] brownies and other edibles can be really cheap, but still really good.  I can usually get hash cookies or brownies for no more than $10, usually less, and they're amazing.
  5. Sounds like the one time I tried eating spice. That would explain the bits of herb you had in your brownie also. And the cheap price. If spice is legal in your state, it's very probable
  6. I think what it might have been, is all they did was sprinkle bud in the brownie mix.
  7. Yeah the buds in the brownie are bad for the belly. 

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