Only three made it, one has seeds?

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  1. OPk, had bagseed, only three made it killed about 5 males way before they dropped pollen. But now One of my three ladies, has seeds showing up all over it. What the heck is going on?

    All three are within 50ft of each other, but only one has seeds, they all were around the males but like I said they were not even close to dropping pollen, but they all would be haing seeds if that happened, right?

    Any idea how this would happen, I dont see any hermy parts on it, im at a loss.

  2. either the male did pop a few flowers or there's someone else growing in the area. Is it bad seeded, or only a little? On the bright side, you can get high on seeded dope and you'll have a load of seeds.
  3. Update,

    Well Im getting ready to cut my seeded lady she is big and sticky, packed full of seeds like I said, but Im still at a loss why this happened, even if there was a male in the area all my plants would be this way so Im still wondering how this ever could have happened, The only one thing i can even think of is that it must have been a Hermi and I just didnt realize it or missed it and it pollenated itself, because i turned my pots daily and even one pod could have blown out and every turn would have stired it up. So Im thinking these are bad hermi seeds to boot.

    My other two plants are just now starting to really gain weight and Im thinking they wont make it since the last two nights got down to 44f and 46f, the frost is comming and I think i would need another three weeks for these two to finish in time, not going to happen unless we get a heat wave real soon. So my whole outdoor adventure ended up making me look like a fool, if I had been cought with these I would have felt stupid to say the least. (Not that Im talking about anything i really did in real life or that would get me in trouble because I wouldnt ever do anything like that or ever have or ever will.)

    Anyhow thanks for the help Im very put off by this outdoor axperiment and now moved to indoor again and will let the outdoors stay outdoors and stick to what I know. Between losing 15 by June and the poor end resolts ofm the three that made it, who could blame me.

    Again thanks

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