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  1. hey guys, if i text a girl im trying to get with and talk to her on the phone sometimes but never really speak to her in person for too long, are my chances gonna be fucked? do i need to make a move fast to go on a date before she leaves? i mean, i know we actually have to communicate sometime soon. i texted her today and said that she should meet me in the hall but she didnt get the text till later.

    how should i schedule a time with her during class when the halls arent filled so we can just talk?
  2. Skip school or do it afterschool. Facebook, etc.
  3. Why dont you give her a call and actually speak to her after school? Act flirty and ask her out.
  4. Been in that same position in highschool. It gets kindaa awkward when you meet up in person.
  5. during school i asked her to the dance this weekend and she turned me down. i think i got played with big time.....
  6. just meet her in person ---

    It's fun

    I loved meeting people online ./ through peoples texts/ even through someone setting up on phone

    blind dates are fun too
  7. as a man you should only use texting for small talk or planning a get together.
  8. Text her a picture of your cock, if she responds "send me a video" she's a keeper.

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