Only taking one or two cuttings?

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  1. I also use riot cubes but this method is just the same procedure.

    [ame=]How To Clone Marijuana Plants - Cloning Marijuana Plants 101 - YouTube[/ame]
  2. I often take four cuttings and root them in a large cooking pot with a glass lid. The lid is set ajar for air & humidity control. The cuttings are in peat pucks and the pucks are covered in damp perlite, so the pot has four clones poking out of a perlite substrate. One or two work just as well as four. Here's a c&p:

    Start clones under 24hrs light till standing up (about a day) then switch to 16/8. Roots grow fastest at night, so all rooting clones should have a dark period. Use damp peat pucks buried in damp perlite. Cut all clones from a given mother at once, placing each in a shotglass of water immediately after it's cut. Re-cut each stem at an angle under water just before applying rooting hormone. Hold it in the water for a minute and then dip in rooting powder. Re-dipping in water after applying rooting powder has been tested and found to be a bad idea. Alternatively, they can be re-cut at an angle in liquid rooting hormone instead of water. Clones must be planted in the pucks immediately. We use a large metal pot with a glass lid set slightly ajar. A heating pad is mandatory and there must be plenty of insulation between the pad and the clone pot. Test the pot & pad setup for at least a day, adding extra insulation between them until the bottom of the pot gets only slightly warm. Use no fertilizers. Wet peat pucks with plain water ph'd to 5.8. Arrange the clones inside the pot and cover the peat pucks with damp perlite. Place the pot under fluorescents. The lid of the pot should have slight condensation on its underside. If water drips from the condensation, the humidity is too high. The humidity should be just high enough to keep the clones alive but still less than the dampness of the peat. If the clones get too much H2O from the air, they won't grow roots to reach out searching for water. Check the temperature at the bottom of the pot very regularly to avoid cooking your babies. Never spray rooting clones and try to avoid getting water on their leaves.
  3. Yea i mean i know how to take clones now, i just did not have a way to take a few, i like your idea of the cooking pot. I just made something that i think will work and i cut out a section of my big cloning tray so i could have a "small" cloning tray Only took one cutting fo ra test, if it dies no biggie will wait until i move some plants and have room

    Thanks for the input, good vid too.

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