Only Swisher Sweets in California!???

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  1. The west coast is known for the smoke they produce.. Northern California where i am has some of the best weed.. and best all around smoking accessories. However the one thing that they do not sell out here are Dutch Masters or Games (blunts). All they have are swisher sweets.. what is that bullshit.. does anyone know why the west coast does not have the proper equipment to roll fat glorious blunts at every corner store like we do back east..
  2. I'm in the east. Got Games, and Dutch masters at every convenient store.:cool: But I would always just bong it up:bongin:
  3. I'm from norcal and you can find phillies, swishers, dutches, wraps, etc at a local store.
  4. You have tried look in places other than your own town or favourite headshop, right?
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    here in the bay we roll Swishers n Backwoods.

    if you got the skills, a proper backwood cant be beat. Its one big tobacco leaf and its fucking delicious
    backwoods are probably the hardest cigar to cant bust these down the middle they have to be unrolled
  6. yeah iv looked in a bunch of places. I found 1 place on Haight St that sold packs of them.. but they were expensive and it is a pain to always have to go to Haight to buy a blunt. Maybe my best bet would to just order them in bulk online. Or invest in a nice bong so that i will never look at another blunt again hahah
  7. i feel your pain. before joining GC i never even heard of dutch master. have yet to see one or even smoke one.... :(
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    Word, Backwoods are my favorite and if you can roll a nice L you can roll a nice Backwood. I've never smoked a Swisher and don't plan to but you can just buy a box of Dutch Masters online. I got a box of Chocolate Dutch Masters last year; IMO one of the best flavored Dutch Masters you can get.

    I tend to stay away from the Garcia y Vega Games though due to the chemical-like taste/smell they produce. I very rarely get a Game if I'm rolling an L with just the outer leaf due to the thickness of the Game's outer leaf.
  9. yup:bongin:
  10. Down here in SD we have everything. swishers, optimos, backwoods, dutches, blunt wraps, phillies. I personally enjoy the honey backwoods or grape swishers.
  11. For the harshest smoke known to man? No thanks. ;)

    Sucks to be you OP. Dutches are the best. We have any kind of blunt or wrap you can think of in FL.
  12. grape swishers ftw.

    if you find a place that sells fresh ass ones, then you shouldn't be disappointed.
  13. They got rid of dutch masters in CA? wow

    i dont know what i would do if i didnt have vanilla dutchs
  14. I know right? Swishers are bleak in comparison.
  15. [​IMG]
    peach all the way
  16. Those are pretty good actually.
  17. Peach optimos are my weapon of choice. I just fucking love the peachiness..
  18. swishers and optimo's are the only blunts you should need
  19. Dutchmasters all day

    edit: those greenleaf grape games are pretty delicious tho
  20. i live in the west and have all that shit i have dutchs, phillies, optimos, backwoods, swishers, al capones,. what more could you want?

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