Only smells sometimes?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Stinkweed, May 8, 2016.

  1. I've been noticing more and more lately that my plant seems to smell much more at some times than it does at others. Sometimes I can walk into my room and there's no smell at all, other times it's like a skunky smack in the face when I walk in. What's up with that? Does it mean that the plant is doing something or is it just temperature and humidity causing the difference? :confusedalt:
  2. mine do that too. This morning i got up thinking i need to water my thc bomb but it looked like i should have yesterday. She was a bit wilty and i couldn't smell a thing but by the time i put a gallon and a half of food in her she was pretty dank. It's weird but i have no idea why they do that.
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  3. Meh it has little to do with the plant,
    more your perception of the smell and your tolerance to it. After a little while your senses will attune to the smell after you (smoke) or are in a grow room, in like 5-10mins it will be normalized. But if you get some fresh air or were away, it will hit you like a train till you get to that point again,.
    This is all a weird psychological thing. The plant smell is always around you just get used to it at times if you are predisposed to it shortly before.
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  4. I thought this thread was about snatch....pssssh, what a ripoff....
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  5. See, I get that, but i've actually been on like a 3 month tolerance break.

    I just don't get it, because right now it's stinking my whole room up, but if I go in a couple hours later it'll probably be tame again.....
  6. Wise ass :laughing:
  7. this is normal. the plants aren't gonna stink very much in my experience during lights out, or any time the air flow is low in the grow area.

    however when u got the plants dancing around in the wind they are gonna reak. basically any time you touch the plants and move them around they gonna stink like crazy but if you leave them alone it will smell a lot less. it will prob still smell but it won't punch you when you come within 100 feet of it like it otherwise would.
  8. This makes sense, I think I did rotate it earlier so it gets even light from the mylar

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