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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Reid77, Aug 31, 2019.

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    20190831_094839.jpg 20190831_094907.jpg
    This is just over 4 weeks into flower I thought buds would be a bit bigger than they are. Any thoughts? Should I be trimming off leaves and lower branches or just leave them alone any help would be great
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  2. I would just leave them alone and give them time...They may take 6 more weeks to fatten up and finish.
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  3. Yeah usually see bulking up in week 5-6. Just wait a week or so.
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  4. They look good from what I can see-
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  5. Sorry for the 3 part reply but you can trim some of the lower stuff if you think it won't get enough light to make solid nice nugs. That will send energy to ones that will.
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  6. It's all good thanks for the advice
  7. Your plants look good.
    Leaves are solar panels that send food/energy to the whole plant.
    Of course, the closer a leaf is to a plant part, the more food/energy that plant part gets from the leaf.
    Cutting off anything healthy will reduce the total food/energy produced by the plant.
    That will cause the plant to eat less, instead of increasing energy to colas.

    A better strategy, until you learn how these plants grow, is leaf tucking to expose colas to more light.
    I've seen side-by-side tests that show reduced yield when pruning, but this is very controversial.
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  8. picture_2019_8_31_19_11_57_681.jpg 20190831_191314.jpg
    Does this look ready to harvest or wait a bit this is my outdoor grow
  9. It can be many options why your plants look small, and they're look small my friend.

    -Your platic pot, why you using that?
    You need 5-7 Gallon pot to get good plant's.
    -What light do you using?
    - what is your humidity level and temperature?
    All this effect the size and the quality
  10. The most popular method for determining when to harvest is trichome watching with a 60+ power magnifying glass.
    Some people harvest when a few trichomes turn from clear to cloudy to amber.
    Others, when the vast majority are amber.
    The accepted wisdom is that the more amber, the sleepier the herb will be.

    But watching for other signs can also help, such as 75% of pistols turning dark, and sugar leaves bending back toward colas.
    My opinion is that harvest is like hand grenades: anything close counts.

    Without looking at trichomes, I'd want to see more dark pistols, and the sugar leaves bending in a bit more.
    But I'm no harvest expert.
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  11. 1567352892739.jpeg 1567352903883.jpeg
    Heres some 25x pics I took using a magnifying app
  12. Only one plant got left in small pot others are in 5 gallon pails just didnt have another on, I'm using a 315watt cmh and 1000watt led for my lights and yes my humidity has been a bit high as well but it's been better now
  13. 20190907_144700.jpg 20190907_144900.jpg
    Heres an update of two outdoor plants
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  14. I would say you're in the beginning of that 'Harvest Window" now, so you could start now if you need to...Are you in a need to rush it ?
  15. No just moved them inside to my tent was gonna give them another week or so
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  16. Good plan ! They're still likely to gain a few more grams at this stage....
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