only reason weed is illegal

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  1. Now, when your watching the news and shit u hear all this shit about shit that happens to people that smoke shit like cigs and do other shit besides weed. Now, weed aint that bad fer your body, it hardly eva kills anybody, it doesn't turn you rlugns into oblivion, and yet it's illegal and cigs rn't!
  2. accidentally press enter b4 i was done, anywayz. cigs rn't WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WIT THAT, make the bad thing legal and the good thing not. now the only reason cigs rn't illegal is cause they're run by big business who defend them, weed was always sold privately. it's too l8 now, but if some1 sold weed largely and made a business out of it b4 it was illegal, it probably wouldn't b illegal today.

    -The system's screwed up, so were actually the only right ones
  3. hehe well put.
  4. We need to completely legalize Marijuana and the gov't needs to accept the fact that there is going to be one product that they don't get to tax and control. For the love of fucking everything, get your hands out of everyone's business and let us live our normal, peaceful lives.
  5. are you dumb c-style if marijuana was legal you dont think the government would tax it and make money off of it????
  6. thanx for the input, but u could of just said yea! or your fucklin screwed up! instead of something that's like 10 paragraphs long
  7. yea, my brain hurts now! i had to read for more than 1 minute! i kill u! i'm j/k round wit u
  8. I dont really care about the facts about weed and cigs, I just know im stoned to hell...goodbye
  9. cigarettes are a lot worse than weed because they have tons of chemicals and poisons in them, they freebase the nicotine with ammonia, and why would anyone smoke something with cyanide in it?? is it just me or does that sound extremely dumb?
  10. on the cigs and chemicals issue: buy rolling tobacco, less shti in em, and they taste better! :)
    or just go smoke a spliff instead

    ur choice
  11. yay to zonedude for the edumacashun! thank you so much :) i knew most of this & was taking a "deep breath" but you said it all so muchas gracias and i learned even s'more.

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