only really 2 types of government

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  1. ^ Wow, the side-stepper accusing another of side-stepping.
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    The point is "laws" are meaningless.

    And your drunk driving idea while noble is wrong. Drunk driving laws don't deter people from drunk driving. Responsible behavior does.

    Case in point, look how many dui deaths we have per year. Quite a bit more that violent gun deaths.

    We all smoke weed here.
    There are a million gun control threads talking about how criminals still get guns.
    We still read stories of mass murder
    We still read stories of bank robberies.

    Cops are 100% useless and there is absolutly nothing we need cops for that we can't get from the market

    Taxes are theft and there is nothing the government provides that wouldn't be better and cheaper from a private organization that is bound by competition and supply and demand.

    The government is not only useless but it causes most of the worlds problems

    Examples of provblems cause by government

    Gang violence

    People forget that the government is made up of people.

    Just because there is no government doesn't mean the land doesn't have a justice system or an army. It just means these things are constructed by the people without the use of coorcion or theft.

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