only really 2 types of government

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  1. sounds awesome!

    what planet can i find this country on?
  2. LOL You do a much better statist impersonation than I...wait a sec, you weren't joking.
  3. I read an interesting article about how much the military pays for toilets. It was in the thousands.

    Tax dollars well spent!

    Can the statists in the house give one example of a government program we can't do better ourselves?

    I dare you
  4. theres a difference between cracking down on wasteful spending and abolishing all government
  5. There is?

    If history shows us anything its that you can't expect the government to regulate itself nor will they let others do it.

  6. To protect our individual and property rights. To protect our borders, and to provide national security.

  7. planet MOTHERFUCK
  8. We are both...its called a mixed economy
  9. I cannot believe so many people in here think if you''re a capitalist that you must be an anarchist and not advocate any taxation.

  10. Why can't these things be provided through voluntary exchange?
  11. Because taxes inhibit capalistic growth

  12. Its possible that they could be. None of us REALLY know.

    I think the free rider problem causes a need for a small government.

  13. I think it would be pretty hard for an economy to develop in an anarchy...

    Believing the state has some function does not make you any less of a capitalist.

    Thinking their role is in the market may.
  14. Either way, you would get taxed in private enterprise. Taxes would translate into fees

    ie. Usage fees, franchise fees...

    The advantage with fees is that the market has more control over them.

    Remember the whole fiasco with banks wanting to charge a fee for having a debit card? That fell through after such negative reaction. That was around the time I switched to a credit union.

    By and large if you use a service you can't avoid taxes/fees. Market anarchism wouldn't change this.

  15. Look at Costa Rica.

    Similar tax system to the U.S. yet no military. The government also has frequent surpluses.
  16. This is why I dabble between minarchist and anarchist.

    Since there is no subject matter tto study no one can say anything for sure about anarchy.

    Many believe a true anarchy just leads to Mafia rule followed by revolution then back to democracy then back to dictator rinse and repeat.

    At least we all agree statists and anarchists that the government is overstepping its bounds
  17. Think about anarchy in your personal life. 99% of us don't rob the grocery store when we get hungry, or rape the women that we are attracted to, or take hostages at gun point to get our way. Anarchy is simply living your life without initiating violent force on others.

    I understand why the political class and their dependents invent scare stories about anarchy but anyone can take 2 seconds to realize the stories are propaganda.
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    The fact is you can't tell what other people would do if there were no laws. Just because or the people you really know wouldn't do such things doesn't mean you can speak for 300,000,000 other people....

    Take for example drunk driving laws, the fact that one might loose their licence definitely makes people think twice about driving drunk. Of course some people are going to ignore the laws but for every 1 of them a couple others don't drive drunk because of the fear of loosing their ability to drive.
  19. ^ FYI Anarchy doesn't mean no rules, it only means no rulers.

    The 'government' threatens/steals/murders and statists, like you, try to defend this with irrelevant bull about drunk drivers.

  20. Nice sidestep. Care to address the point at hand? Do drunk driving laws deter people from driving drunk?

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