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ONLY POST WHEN HIGH! What are you eating right now

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Time Consumer, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. I saw this thread in Music Hall about what you are listening to whilst high, and I figured I'd do one about food. I hope this isn't a repost.

    I'll start:

    Chinese takeout-white rice and egg rolls :smoke:
  2. Lucky bastard lol. I had a blueberry muffin pudding snack pack, a vanilla pudding snackpack, and a Cadbury Caramello. I will grab the Cheez-It's next if my hunger doesn't die. Oh and an Ocean Spray Cran-Grape to wash it down :smoke:.
  3. im not eating at the moment but i ate earlier.
    Had me a Taco Meal Two dollar Meal Deal #2 with Two Chalupas and a Mountain Dew. Then a Denny's Omlette :)
  4. god damn, that sounds delicious dude.

    i'm munching on a triple decker pb&j with the tallest glass of strawberry milk you've ever seen. :)
  5. I had chinese earlier. Nothing like a wakenbake on saturday morning then hitting up the chinese place right when theyre opening and the munchies are setting in. Its like a perfect situation :smoke:
  6. pizza bites and a mix of white rice and refried beans
  7. I just ate a bowl of beef ramen, a whole bag of rice chips, a slice of pizza, two glasses of orange juice, two gluten free chocolate bars, a bowl of split pea soup, and 6 chicken wings.
  8. Wal-mart brand gummy snacks. Oh so good.
  9. I am not joking about this. It's starting to get bad how much I eat when high. Good thing I don't gain weight in the least bit.
  10. i made myself a waffle sundae with two waffles, ice cream inbetween, with whip cream and hot fudge on top.
  11. omg. I just ate ramen...then a cinnamon raisin bagel, toasted with butter. i was in heaven.
  12. I just gaz-umed!
  13. Egg salad sandwich on homemade bread . . . with potato salad...m'ms and toffee for dessert ^_^
  14. i have a hell of alot of chocolate milk i drank.

    i drank around 1 L of milk
    got some potato chips
    some chips ahoy chocolate chip cookiessss

    annnd these nuts or something that my moms baked in the oven something starting with c i dunno

    so high and everything so good
  15. Got high of a firecracker earlier on, been fucked up since that came on...I was on a very fast ferry when it was kicking in, about 30 minutes on that ride.

    Picked up some things on the way home

    BADASS chicken laksa, with noodles, vegetables, extra ginger and some sambal sauce.
    I swear I have one of the best noodle places I've ever eaten at, in my town.
    Got some crappy prawn chip things from there too.

    Also had half a pie and half a spinach quiche, earlier on.

    Had a mint/chocolate flavoured 600ml milk.

    ...will have some apple teacake, and some tea in a bit.

    Feelin' pretty straight up high right now...probably gonna vape to keep this level rolling for a while yet.
  16. :yummy:Home-made stir fry w/ shrimp and scallops,Bok choi,snow peas, bean sprouts,carrots,napa cabbage,cauliflower,brocolli,mushrooms,green onion, garlic,and oyster sauce.Over white rice:smoke:

    and............spicy pork rinds, and butter toffee peanuts:D Yup, I'm Blazed:smoke:
  17. Chicken, Watermelon, and a Grape soda...
  18. ive got ice cream sandwhiches, monster, lucky charms and skittles. yea i said it
  19. Ive been meaning to get up for like an hour now. I keep getting lodged in some sort of routine time lapse, where i think im sleeping on the couch,
    and then i open my eyes, and im sitting at the computer, which is followed by some slight disorientation. BUT. Im about to eat a mini tombstone pizza. YES.

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