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  1. Long time reader, first time poster. Soil. 2x500WHPS. I pretty much forgot how long she's been going. She looks good, trichromes on the leaves, many white pistols. only about 5-10% total are amber in color. My problem (may not be a problem) is that it just looks like a bunch of pistols but not much actual bud. I'm going to start flushing with pure clean water but i wanted to know if you guys think i did something wrong. These look awesome at 3500 x 2500! Still not bad at 1/3 that.

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  2. they look great man, dont flush them yet though, be patient these buds are still premature wait til they are 60-80% amber. i dont think you did anything wrong at all man. enjoy the bounty. happy harvest :)
  3. yeah they look good. the most growth is in the last few weeks so hopefully she'll fatten up.
  4. yeah those look very good!!! like said above you need to give them a couple more weeks.... let those ambers turn man. I pulled my WW about a week premature and the taste/high was abit off. Not as strong as I could of got it with that strain.

    it's all about patience!

    Working on grow #3 right now I quit doing journals but I'll tell ya your on a good path. Just read, watch, and wait

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