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Only newbies can get wrecked: fact or myth?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jiggernex, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. I'm sure everyone's heard the common saying from "veteran" tokers that they wish they could get high as newbies do. Tolerance, they say.

    However tolerance levels go back down to zero after a month of a break, so why apparently can't they get as high as newbs who even have tolerances? Is there an underlying factor, the thrill of doing an illegal drug wears off, maybe? Discuss.
  2. It's because once you've smoked 1,000 bowls, when the 1,001th bowl comes around you kinda know what to expect.

    I think next to physical tolerance just the fact that you know what's to come brings the high down somewhat.

    Go do shrooms and you'll have a hell of a trip. Do it another 500 times and it's just not the same it was first few times around
  3. Three letters: B-H-O;)
  4. idk man every time i think ive reached the ceiling with getting high from bud i find some other type of strain or concentrate (kief, hash, BHO mainly for me) if you cant afford that...I challenge any stoner to wake up early like 9am, not smoke until 10pm and smoke high grade strains with great thc content and nice flavor...Im deep into some sour D and some bubble hash after a few vodka and tonics feeling greeeaaatt
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    I have been smoking 22 yrs + (virtually every day) and yes it does reduce the buzz, you can get wrecked just that it takes a lot more, it does only take a month off however in my experience ( with loads of wicked fun dreams!) and it goes back down but give it a week and it's back up!lol fuck abstinence lol peace love and bananas GG
  6. Yeah there are a lot of powerful concentrates and edibles out there I think would be too much for a lot of veteran tokers.

    Hash, earwax and the deca dose Cheeba Chew.
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    absolutely^ edibles are on another plane

    and it's because most 'veterans' don't take breaks and just smoke all day every day, if you take like 2-3 days off a week you'll get wayyyyyyyyyy higher then you do if you're smoking all day every day, the psychedelic effects of the pot suffer the most with consistent smoking, psychedelic tolerance builds the fastest, but also resets after about a week

    bad/mediocre weed is also a factor, with high tolerance it's complete trash
  8. dank bud can only go so far. Thats why they make concentrates like budder,earwax,honey oil, and amber ice. Or you can start experimenting with high dosage edibles. My average edible consists of about .3-.4G per serving, but you can also make them with basically as much ganja as you want. If your a veteran and saying you have a tolerance to every way of consuming marijuana I dare you to take a 1G bho and say your not stoned out of your mind.
  9. Myth

    I have a friend who (it seems like) gets higher than anyone, and smoking the same exact amount. We've been smoking together for 9 years..
    i really don't know why but after we smoke 3-4 bowls he would always be like..."mannn im soo stoned" and then i'll look at him like "wtf im just getting started"
    we both smoke every day and have been for the last 9 years.

    i honestly just think it varies from person to person
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    Ahahahha I love your sig
  11. I wouldn't say so.

    I'm not exactly old school but I'm 19 and have been smoking since I was about 15 frequently.

    The other day I picked up from a new source and the weight and quality were great.

    I near enough passed the fuck out...

    But that's probably also because there's a lot of indica round here and this stuff was straight headies lol
  12. true in the sense that you'll never get as fucked up as you did your first time!
  13. It depends what you mean by wrecked. I can still get to that level of highness where I have difficulty keeping my eyes open, but it's just not as fun as it used to be.

    I think experienced and new smokers can get equally fucked up, but the newbies just have more fun being fucked up.
  14. I've been smoking for years, and sometimes I get blitzed immediately.
    And sometimes I don't, it just depends.
  15. dude yeah... Qwiso, bubble hash, keef, bho, beeswax we call it here... earwax same thing, honey oil lots of shit... edibles... thc pills... (golden nugget of awesomeness... just smoked some on top of a dank bowl in my bros helix bong... we each got 2 nice rips each... i had to start it by making it bubble... omggg... shit gets so intense once you get it well it... insane hash taste and yeah... :smoke:

    O yeah and i gotta black dot brownie (110-120mg thc infused, they knock you on your ass... for the day... they do cost $9 from his caregiver, but i just gave my buddy $10... Mary Jane's Kitcen FTW... i love montana)

    And there are other drugs that you cant talk about that you can try... you know em.

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