Only Morons, The Gullible...

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  1. ...And Shills Believe The Government's Bin Laden Conspiracy Theory


    Get this out there TD!!
    Needs hits..

    I believe Bin Ladens death was a joke.

    [[[# CREDITS..misbrit
    For a credible alternative to the compromised mainstream media, check out the Resistance Radio website and radio station. Live alternative radio, 7 days a week:
    Resistance Radio
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  2. Osama's gonna become the Anti-Christ
  3. here is an excellent summary of why this whole episode smells like rotten fish...

    ...and with facts, too! :eek:

    [ame=]YouTube - US Government Psy-Ops - The 'Killing' of Osama Bin Laden[/ame]
  4. I'll never get why people put some random guy on youtube explaining some conspiracy theory and that's supposed to be some kind of secret truth we need to "get out there". It's like these people see something out of the ordinary, question it, and then leave it at that. Hey this looks wrong! I don't know why, but I'll just insert something out of left field and it will make sense!

    Bin Laden is dead. Why must people continue on this?

  5. Fixed. :wave:

  6. They can escalate the war on terror, justify torture, ramp up the domestic police state and roll out the next boogie man for the American people.

    There are over 850 thousand private contractors in the area all who have a big stake in the this fairy tale.
  7. in case you don't know...

    Al Qaeda = CIA

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