Only like 2 weeks along with super skunk opps look

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by mippie86, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. Ya so they are like 2 weeks along now and my timer fuced up and now i got a new one but i forgot that exact time the morning time was for it im within a hour of it im sure but anyways will this mess it up in anyway or am i in the clear cuz maybe its too young to be effected I dont know wishfull thinking any advise would be nice. Ive had 3 clones get there light cut out for like 3 days when my girl was all pist at me and i just put them out side and like a week later they started to grow that was way cool but again the girl finished them off once we got into it again. I really with she would destroy something else of mine and not my shit lol its so gay. Time is so long sometims
  2. im the last person to say this... because i suck with grammer... but dude... run on

    hahahaahaha.... fix your timer.. make sure you have enough air movement in your grow and your going to have a little stunting.. but after a week it should be back on track
  3. :smoke: O run on? That sounds familier. Oky what about transplanting? what yall say to transplanting in the flower stage is it wise or deadly? Or just stunted for a while. :confused::confused: OR JUST WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT IT:smoke: MAN i got to get out of here cuz like man im so gone and these run on just go on and on.:wave: THANK Mip
  4. that wont affect the plant at all, they can take lots of abuse in the veg stage, but as soon as you flip them to flowering is when you need to be careful
  5. So what about TRANSPLANTING during the flowering stage. I really wont to make one of my plants like super big with that lst training but what would happin if you transplant during flowering same as if you were in veg, state. And you just have a stunted growth for a minute but will it bounce back. I dont know what yall think. Me

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