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Only hanging out with friends when they have weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by greenbliss, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. With the friends of mine who smoke (which is almost all of my friends) I dont really bother hanging out unless they have weed (they smoke way more than I do, and yes I smoke their weed, but I pay them back for it too, so thats not the issue). What Im worried about is that maybe they get the impression Im only friends with them for the weed, because they have been getting upset with me for not doing other things. I have invited them to do other things, and we have done other things, but lately I have been busy and havent been able to do more than hang out for a few hours being stoned together. I mean, I understand how they may get the wrong impression, but we are all stoners, and my idea is, hey I cant hang out every day, so why not hang out when there is stuff to smoke? Am I going wrong somewhere, what should I do?
  2. I had some friends in high school that turned into people like what you're saying now (not saying anything against you). We started out smoking every other weekend or every weekend, but they started to only hang out because of weed. It was like they didn't plan their day around going to the movies or going to the skatepark, it turned into let's just go smoke, and then it became second nature. Like no matter what we were going to do they smoked. That's not really my style so I got some new friends. I still talk to them but they are still the same.

    My advice is get some new friends, or don't smoke every day. When you go to hang out with them, pass on smoking, or invite them somewhere and don't bring any weed.

    Are you going wrong? I believe only you can answer that, but I think you should take a break. I think marijuana is an amazing drug, but it, like other casual drugs like alcohol, need to be used in moderation.

    Hope this helps.
  3. Ahh yes, there was a thread earlier this week with a guy who had the exact opposite position. Alot of people really hate it when their friends only hang with them to smoke bud. I'd say that you should tell them your busy, but when you do you like to smoke with them. But you should experience reality with those people too. Its just... I don't know, all my friends are equally proportioned.
  4. My exact reason for not hanging out with them much after they turned into that. I smoke weed, but not daily and find it annoying when people just hang out for weed with no intention of doing anything else.
  5. make a decent sized pickup, and invite them over and smoke them out. i think that if you invite them over once in a while and buy for them, they'll know that you're really their friend. You could say that it isn't worth it to buy 100$ worth of weed to smoke them out, but i guess its up to you to decide whether your group of friends is worth however much you want to buy.
  6. RIP Jerry
  7. That is stupid.

    You are making it sound like a friendship is based on smoking people up.
  8. I have 1 EXTREMELY annoying friend... like he's absolutely unbearable when he's high and stuff.. but he has weed, and it's easy to get some free off him (Although i'd prefer to buy off him and smoke without him.. since he ruins our high..).. If I could tell him off because he's not my kind of friend, I would.. but weed has to come from somewhere unfortunately.
  9. You sound like your using your "friend" for weed, how can you call him a friend
    More like an association or buisness partner, you buy off him that's all
    That sucks maybe he knows you just use him for weed maybe thats why he kills your high

  10. Yeah, thats what I was thinking. We do non-weed things, but I have been known to be like, "oh you dont have weed, ok well ill come over tomorrow, maybe you will have some then." I just feel like Im sending the wrong message, I am friends with them and dont mind just hanging out, but there is no way i could see them every day, just as with any friend, so why cant I just preserve the days I hang out with them for when they have some bud?

  11. Nah, I hung out with him back when we were in school together, we were cool then.. but when he's high he's very annoying.. and pestering.. In controlled quantities or around other people he doesn't know as well he's MUCH cooler.
  12. the friends im talking about have said the opposite about me. That I can be a little irritating sober, but really cool when high.
  13. If all you are willing to do is smoke their shit then you are just using them for weed.......

    You do not treat friends this way thus these people are not your friends, aquaintances at most...........

    You need to buy a fat sack and go to them apologetically before they cut you off or beat you down for moochin....................

    I HATE people like you..:mad:............ "I never have my own , but I am always willing to smoke somebody else's shit and give em a dollar and call it even"

    If you are going to smoke it , you have to buy it, at least occasionally

    Put it in other terms, what if your "friend" had a cool dirt bike and you only went over when he had it out, but you put gas in it. What kind of a friend are you being?


  14. Then when you do hang out with them that 1 day a week, don't smoke lol. I know you say you wanna preserve the days you hang out with them to smoke because you guys don't get the chance to hang often, but you still don't need to smoke on that day.

    I don't wanna say start pitching them some $$ when you guys smoke beause to me, only non-friends pitch, so that would be strange seeing as how you wanna keep them as your friends. Maby smoke them out every now and then, but I think the simple truth is, don't smoke when you go over there
  15. There's nothing worse than a scavenger looking for weed.
  16. Yeah I had a friend like this... Only thing was he still live with his parents so we could only smoke at my house. He would only call or text me on days when we had weed or were talking about getting weed.

    For instance we'd hang out everyday for 3-4 days smokin weed after class and work. Then we would hold off for a couple days. And during the time we were holdin off he would act like i didnt even exist.

    So, we don't hang out anymore. My advice to you would be to jokingly bring it up at one point; say somethin like, "haha feels like we only hang out when theres weed" or some shit. If you talk about it with them, I'd say theres less chance of them gettin pissed. But if you just keep doin it and dont say a word, its gunna seem like all you care about is weed.

    But really, just try to chill with them when they arent smoking. It doesnt always have to be about weed.
  17. I hang out with my friends when they only have weed, but they only have weed all the time... and if they don't we are getting fucked up somehow so I don't have that problem.

    BUt yeah I'd just smoke em up one day, or hang out with them when they dont got bud.

    Just be like " ohh you don't got bud.. well thats all good i'll come over anyway"

  18. I do pitch in because I dont really smoke with many other people, so I get alot of weed from over there, and I wouldnt expect them to give up their weed to me for free as I wouldnt want to just give away my weed to all my friends either. Yes, I get smoked out sometimes and thats different, I will smoke other friends out and these people smoke me out with their weed, but Im talking about buying actual nugs that are reserved for me, but I still feel like they think I only go over there to have a place to buy and smoke. I dont know where this one day a week thing came from, I go over there about 2-3 days per week, I dont think I ever said anything about 1 day per week.
  19. sounds like one of my friend all he calls me for is to smoke all of my dro

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