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  1. I began planning to grow during the covid lockdown & "figured/hoped" to have a lifetime supply within 3 years, LOL Anyone else plan on getting out & are still growing?
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  2. Based on just the quality deterioration after 1 year to imagine having a lifetime supply is rather far fetched. Many years down the road be smoking oregano.
  3. Not in the least
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  4. That has come to my realization. If I didn't give away over 1/2 my grow I might have more surplus, ya think? Some people "lifetimes" are shorter than others.
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  5. How much is a lifetime supply?
    I'm doing about 1lb a year.
  6. I'll have to get back to you on that, in a long time hopefully. I really should keep track NOW, it was an oz a month when I paid for it, so way more..
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    Our long term storage is done by making bubble hash and keeping it in the freezer. If you can fight the elements and bugs in Oklahoma you can grow so much more than you could use. For three years we had bumper crops.

    If you store it right it will last. Some time back they found a 200 year old shipwreck with jars of hash that was still good.

    Sometimes I pull out some 3 year old stuff and it's as good as when I put it in.

    I say do a lifetime supply. Just keep it dark, dry, and cold. Make oil and hash. It might last longer.

    I'll bet you still grow, though, even with a lifetime supply.

    Edit: not 200 year old, 2000 year old.
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  8. Here's my take. I've had flower that was refrigerated and about two years old. Still good. The same flower that was at room temp was definitely rancid and both the smell and color of the buds was bad. Both in airtight containers. So refrigerate if you want to store it for a while.
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  9. LMAO I bet 2000 year old hash will really fuck you up!

    Is that 3 year old flower or 3 year old hash? What's your experience been?

    Never tried hash. Only flower and very rarely edibles or RSO.
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  10. 3 yo budd. It's still good. None of us smoke so it's all going oil soon. I find that it's easier to make from bubble hash than budd. I smoked and vaped it and it was good. You get what you are actually smoking it for without the smoke. That's if you use a dry herb vape.

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