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Only getting high for 15-20 minutes

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by SirFat, Aug 14, 2019.

  1. Me and my sister started smoking weed together(about 5 months ago) we were using it every day but only once before bed. It has come to the time i don't get that high for long and my high isn't that good anymore i have recently been taking breaks which made it stronger but it still doesn't last, i know joints are a waste of money and they are mainly what we smoke(because they get us the best) but we have to smoke 1 gram joints nothing else works we've tried a bong that has been helping but not enough the weed we are buying is good but not top shelf so it doesn't get us the best my plug got new stuff in which is £55 aq so i thought the weed should get me pretty high right? I'll put a video/pic of the bud i get from my plug

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  2. Could be strain or maybe try a dif way of consuming could be ur body is gettin use to joints.
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  3. Looks like decent bud. Your tolerance could just be going up.
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  4. More red hairs on your bud typically means more CBD than THC, which means you don't get to "feel" as high. Some strains be like that.
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  5. For me every strain feels like it doesn't work
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  6. Try edibles
    I don’t measure how much I roll but a gram between two people doesn’t seem like much. I’m sure mine are at least that.
    Something I discovered yesterday was that it seems to me that I felt a better high out of quickly smoking thru the wife’s OG chillum. Instead of rolling one, running late, I quickly huffed several “bowls” thru that and was high as a kite.
    I don’t pay attention to how long it lasts. I’m sorry but I medicate all day. Literally doctors orders.
  7. £55 a Q where in England do you live??? Qs cost £45 £50 at most man lol

    Smoke a bong or a pipe it'll get u both high.. you've probably just got used to Js... I smoke bongs/pipes more then papers & I always get high lol
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  8. I was going to ask about £55 but I didn’t.
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  9. Is there any thing you can post to back your statement ?
    I don't know everything about MJ , and that is the first time I have heard anything like what you said .
    Thank you
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  10. Sure.
    Cannabis Anatomy: The Parts of the Plant

    The red hairs, or stigma and pistils, are the waxy part different from the trichomes which are the sticky part. Trichomes get you high while colorful pistils play a role in relaxation of the central nervous system.
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  11. Way cool brother, thanks ,
    I had never heard of that before ,,,
    Thumbs up ….
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  12. Hi Been smoking weed pretty steady for 45 years ...
    The one friend I got my weed from was good and got me stoned , but he got killed in a motorcycle accident and then endless search started to find some decent weed .
    At one time i felt I should just give up smoking because I couldnt get high was to costly for next to nothing buzz and the weed i was smoking looked good smelled good even felt good . .
    Then weed became legal in my state ,, but fuck me 370.00 for a fucking OZ .

    I had never smoke weed that tasted as good as the store bought stuff.
    But straight up the high didn;t last .... the fucking weed had no legs.
    Then the only thing that got me high was DAB or shatter or Crackle, but fuck that shit made me cough and honestly I think I got a lung infection from smoking the stuff .

    I smoke everyday now …. the stuff I grow and it gets me super stoned … the weed ,the keif , the bubble hash .I can go to sleep stoned and wake up stoned .

    Bottom line if you want top notch weed then you might have to grow it yourself .
  13. Get a sativa. That is a kush strain probably bubba or hybrid kush.....

    a quick switch to sativa will light you up real fast.
  14. I've tried I'm just hoping it's my guys stuff that is bad but the weed looks good to me
  15. Been smoking for 30 years I'm a heavy dabber,I only get high for 5 minutes very frustrating. I find constantly rotating my smoking devices helps and obviously constantly rotating strains and forms of marijuana (wax,cart,weed) a couple times a day if money will allow. I have found myself getting lost in a session that lasts me 30 minutes or so, so I decided to cut my sessions to 10 minutes I made sure to consume what I plan on smoking or vaporizing as quickly as possible. I wait at least two to three hours before I get high again. And even being very careful and doing all this it is still a frustrating struggle most of the time. I also have cirrhosis(drank myself to death liver failure kidney failure life support for 2 months wheelchair for 8 crazy).which I believe affects how I get high.
  16. Try quitting for like a month. Detox it completely. Its called high tolerance
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  17. #17 Ultramaxx, Apr 17, 2022
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2022
    Yeah I don’t get high for even 20 minutes, op tolerance isn’t too high . Last time I tried smoking didn’t get high at All. T break maybe help op !?
  18. Thank god for BadKat's hash oil capsule recipe. This shit keeps me blasted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a damn year. It makes it so even a couple of tokes boots the edible capsule way hard and I have to watch how much I smoke or I wind up zoned all to hell.

    I honestly haven't had a sober day since I started making and taking the stuff. :) Life changing in my case as it really does act as adhesion relief from surgeries. Keeps me pain free and the only cost is I'm stoned as hell all the time. :) I like it!! . It shouldn't work this well this long and still be able to send me to the moon.
    Hallucinating Hash Capsules for Hemp Heads
    The Lecithin is the only real must have ingredient. Any cooking oil works but Coconut Oil is fastest by far.
    I use Dry Ice Kief I shake from what I grow but buds get the job done just fine. Finding that sweet spot dose is the hard but fun part. Your kind of like Goldilocks.


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