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Only get a little high

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Canada Smokes, Oct 20, 2014.

  1. I can smoke many bong hits and I'll never get any higher, my buzz goes away in 45 mins. Wtf man is my weed weak?

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  2. You're probably smoking some mids.  Can I see a picture of the week you smoke?
  3. If you think you can tell mids from dank, you're mistaken. I've had some high quality dank that looked like mids and vice versa.

    @CanadaSmokes either look around for better weed, try smoking using something besides a bong, or take a 2 week tolerance break
  4. [SUB]I guess you have to start smoking concentrates then![/SUB]
  5. your weed is shit
  6. dude you just joined and your trolling through threads talking shit. My advice to you is be friendly or shut the fuck up. Otherwise your going to make enemies fast on this forum. Some places it's hard to get decent bud.
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  7. I think i just made my first one 
  8. It's good stuff got me high as fuck for the first few sessions, now hardly anything

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  9. Good shit rapes you tolerence if you smoke like 2 to 3 times then ur tolerence goes sky high right away
  10. Just wait a couple days and try again or try a different way of consuming it maybe an edible or even just a bowl instead of a bong.

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