Only child with different views of the world?

Discussion in 'General' started by Kronik352, Aug 30, 2019.

  1. Hey all.........I was just sittin here listening to music mind starts to wonder off.....I am an only child and I remember EVER SINCE I CAN REMEMBER I used to BEEEEEG my parents for a brother or you think only children grow up to "see the world differently" than people with brothers and or sisters?

    I HATED IT when I was younger...because I was the ONLY ONE that had eyes on me 24/7.....all the way up until I moved out.....early teens...back in....back out in mid 20s
  2. I think if you a only child you might have it a little harder because the parents always watching you like you said...but also they have more love to give to just you tho. Idk tho I could be wrong lol I have 4 siblings so idk much about this tbh.

  3. Interesting thought, nobody knows what it would be like except someone who has it like that.

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  4. Man. I have a brother and sister but they left when I was 4 5 ish so I was the "only child". And well I guess one really doesn't know any diffrent it would of been nice to have a twin or brother.

    Cuase being raised by a single mother is some lonely shit right there. Specially when she has some paranoia with low self esteem and copes by out lashing and controlling people.
  5. I am the oldest by a few years so I think I somewhat know what it's like..

    One thing I can think of is that I was the one that had to break my parents into letting me do anything and not killing me..

    When I was young and all the way up until I was like 17 and moved out I got in huge trouble for getting caught with cigarettes, porn, weed, alcohol, etc. and I didn't get to just go do whatever I wanted, but by time my sister got old enough for that shenanigans I had already put in all the hard work and gotten in all the huge trouble and they ended up just letting her get away with a lot that I would be in big trouble for..

    And then my youngest brother shoot.. He gets/got away with murder compared to when I was young you wouldn't even imagine because I went through it all to loosen my parents up for them..

    When I was young weed was like "you're gonna get our house taken away with that shit" and now it's like nothing for my youngest sibling and I smoke joints at the kitchen table at my moms..

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