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Only been smoking for 3 months, tolerance is pretty high.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Health, Nov 4, 2014.

  1. Did I just smoke too much? I've been chiefing every day since July. After I went through a zip in about a week. Now it just feels like it takes more to get high. I used to get high off the first two hits of a blunt. Now, I only start to get high at the roach. 
    I guess I just need a T-break. 

  2. yeah it happens... it suckss....
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    Yea you need a t-break. Same thing happened to me. Skinny joints got me blazed and as I smoked more and more, my tolerance went up. Go 2 weeks without smoking and your tolerance will be stable. Imagine waiting a month and how blazed you will be with a few puffs. It's worth it going on a t-break. Just imagine the reward of getting totally stoned with a small bit of weed. Don't get carried away though and smoke too much after the break, then your tolerance will shoot up again.
  4. Only smoke top shelf then you dont need t breaks
  5. ^ Yes.
    :laughing: High tolerance after 3 months... try 3 years, even then you can find better bud that well do what you need. :smoking:
  6. a zip a week? high grade that's 200-300 an o? damn dude you only been smoking three months and you're blazin that much? you have a good job or what? my advice is don't roll up if you're smoking that much. Just take snaps out of a bong for a while... take two snaps of high quality and you should be good, anymore is a waste... unless your smoking mids and just havent seen great weed yet, and getting it 100 an o thats a dif story. tbh i can smoke a gram blunt and feel just as high as i did if i were to smoke .2 or .3 out of my bowl, no joke!!! so much wasted with a blunt. but jeeze, you just need to slow down or start growing at this rate... cause an o a week for 3 months is around 3500 bucks give or take. if you grew you'd spend about 200-300 on growing that same amount every 3 mo.
  7. Yes take a t-break. and a U break and a V break too.
  8. That's not true. The stronger the weed, the higher the tolerance. I speak from experience.
  9. IME I've never needed a t break and I only smoke top shelf. Maybe I'm special B)
  10. If you smoke 4-6 joints a day everyday, then I am officially jealous. I bet you take 1 small puff off a 1 hitter pipe in the morning and stay stoned all day don't you?
  11. ^
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    lmao come on OSS

    I smoke 3.5-7 grams of lab tested top shelf out of my bong per week plus joints of homegrown.

    I'm not high 24 hours a day though, I work. I'll agree when I used to smoke all day and night and do nothing else, eventually i didn't get that high from it.
    Congratulations, your first post ever added no detail or significant information.
  14. Thank you. But I just couldn't have said it any better, so I went with his idea! haha
  15. That is quickly becoming a tradition around GC lol.
  16. Switch to bongs. It uses less weed and wastes less smoke.
    How often do you smoke and how often are you high? I find that tolerance is sometimes like just mind tricks where if I get high too often, it feels like I'm not getting high anymore even though I am, its just that I'm too used to being high so you forget what sobriety is like and lose your frame of reference so you can't fully tell if you're high, you know what I mean?
    I used to be high like 75% of the time for months straight. Recently, I've cut back to just wake n bake and midnight sesh except weekends where it depends. The more time I spend sober, the better the high feels afterwards because you can like compare it better and it emphasises the high.
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    OP remember to consume a healthy amount of Omega-3 regularly, helps keep your receptors going and tolerance relatively low. 

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