Only a month old! WHATS WRONG???

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    Its just bagseed. Its been growing for about a month, maybe 2 and has pretty much stopped growing in height. I started LST today and noticed a few things.. The picture shows the problems better:

    I added nutes (20-6-12) last week and my water schedule is every 2days, 1 cup of water; and sprayed daily.

    - Light green sun leaf
    - Some brown spots on 1 leaf
    - Leafs are curling

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  2. What brand of nutrients? Is all Soluble or breaksdown? Becareful of using every 3 month formula's happened to me. When Nitro To high bottom leaves did same thing. My plants Do from Nutrients sometimes to much will do it. Im basically new to growing Cannabis i grow other herbs and vegtables so i usually know its a chemical burn.

  3. sounds like thats the problem because its one of those "time released good for 3-5months" :mad:
  4. Yuck! Time released stuff is garbage. Organics are the best, nearly fool proof.
    Although what you have there looks like N deficiency, as in she needs some. Slowed growth and yellowing bottom leaves are good indicators.
  5. what he said

    organics FTW

  6. *noob question: whats a good but yet inexpensive organic nute?
  7. That I am not sure of. While I was growing I used Fox Farms Grow Big and Tiger Bloom. It was like 17 bucks for a 32oz bottle, which lasts a long long time.

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