Only 20% of Republicans support any kind of marijuana reform. Is that because of HIPPIES?

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    I dont know what else could explain why Republican/conservative support for legalization is so low in all the polls. Theres too much of a stereotype of pot with hippies. We all know Republicans hate hippies. Hippies are unamerican liberal communist f*gs. Maybe if pot was thought of in the minds of most with regular normal people instead of hippies, the polls would look better. On every other issue, Republicans are on the side of freedom.
  2. Where did you come up with 20%?

    I wish to see verifiable proof before I start believin' somethin' on the internet here.:coolalt:
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  3. Can I get a source for "all the polls"? It's ironic to say anything about a stereotype then follow it up with "We all know Republicans hate hippies.", as true as it is. Otherwise I agree with you 100% about marxist liberals. Fuck, I hate them. Put them in gulags where they belong.
  4. That's a pretty sweeping generalization you've made there. In my opinion, republicans only hate things that their campaign donors hate. Republicans, for the most part, have been supported by evangelicals and other very conservative groups in the past and we all know that a politician isn't going to stand up for anything he/she fears might endanger their bid for re-election. I haven't heard a politician utter the word "hippie" in 30 years, so I doubt it's an overall assault on them. LOL Money will be the factor that swings the now "anti" votes over to our side. The fact that maybe 2 states out of our 50 operate in the black at the moment and the ever growing desire for money to stuff their pockets with will eventually change the climate on MJ in the political circles. It will take a little time, but it will happen. In the meantime, we all need to be more active in support of legalization in our own states...the ones who don't already have some sort of laws in place. I live in a state that most likely will be the very last to legalize it in any way, but I still fight for it every day I live. Happy Thursday!! TWW
  5. Never miss an opportunity do you?
  6. So basicly rush once said that Clinton got away with his sexapades because he was a democrac. A republican couldn't get away with the same kind of scandle because the republican is known as a conservative, a family guy haha, a leader of morals and proper behavior.
    I'm sure a lot of Republicans would support legalization however they have that r after their names and they can't condone drug use
    I said it before...I don't understand why a repub supports limited govetment but wants the government to ban drugs which Is a personal choice

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