online stites that ship to canada?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by shelselovering, Mar 4, 2016.

  1. I really want to buy a nice bubbler but i dont know any decent/trustworthy sites to buy from. do yall know of any? TIA

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  2. online sites*

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  3. You know Grasscity is an online headshop...right?
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  4. GC definitely ships to Canada and reliability is 10000000% plus nothing like supporting the community we all love right? =)

    A simple Google search will turn up 1000's of hits if grasscity doesn't have what your looking for

    Best of luck op

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  5. Keep in mind the dollar is absolute shit right now, its probably cheaper just to get one at a local shop instead of ordering from the US. (50 USD = 67 CAD atm)

    If you do order one, look for shops that use USPS for shipping, all the couriers will charge you out the ass with brokerage fees (aka "you were stupid enough to use this service" fees). USPS usually slips through customs with no charges.
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  6. it's a portal to all things China, like cheap glass for example. Just be sure to type in "glass water pipes" or "glass bongs" in the search bar of the main page.

    Something else to keep in mind is that some vendors only sell quantity. Something else to consider is you will find a lot of free shipping offers. I have used dhgate several times and have been happy with every purchase even though shipping can take a bit. I think I waited three weeks once and that was the longest.
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  7. won't regret it . thick glass and great prices on bubblers

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  8. if i knew i wouldn't have asked obviously

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  9. hey thanks for the tip. never thought about it like that

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  10. Only sites I have ordered from are sublimator and hoss. Both had excellent customer service and flawless shipping, 10/10 for both.

    Unfortunately I havent purchased anything off GC. Too many items to choose from lol. Going to order something from here very soon since its long overdue.
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  13. I use they are extremely reliable, I've purchased about 8 items from this site and they have all be quality pieces, shipping is fast and cheap.

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