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  1. Does anyone know any reliable sources for medical seeds online? and if so what are the chances of the package being taken by customs?

    Thank you
  2. Just what do you think are Medical Seeds are anyway..?
    Pick a strain and check it out on yet, if you have a a gram and check it out for yourself..I am a MMJ card Holder (NV) and my weed kicks the crap out of any dispensary weed I have ever tried.
    Pain relief and Sleep are my own goals..(Indicas for me).
    anyway Depends on a lot..I have bought from The Single Seed Center, Bonza, True North etc..all out of the UK or Canada..never had a pkg seized yet (one is MIA though..thanx USPS).
    To be sure of non seizure,,Greenpointseeds (Colo), SeedshereNow(OR.) Great Lakes Genetics are all in the states..More too..:)
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  3. Cannabis Seeds Banks

    Most sees banks have some type of insurance. There's a bunch of seedbanks in that part of the forum, it all depends on what you're looking for.
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  4. Do these seed banks charge card as international purchase (I don't want to have to call to allow international purchasing on card if possible)

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  5. Most times YES..depending on the CC company..I use Chase and they always decline unless you call 1st..Some (but not too many) will take a pre-paid card as well!
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  6. If it is an international purchase; chances are you're going to have to call and allow permission(for fraudulent reasons). I live in SouthWest USA and order from and had no issues whats-o-ever! The seeds are germinating as we "speak" ;)
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  7. Go to Swami Organic Seeds ( In USA ) and order the Blue Orca Haze. Breeders Favorite. Very Powerful, but no so much paranoia inducing as the 1988 Nevils NL5/Hz can be, but in its own way can be as potent as the NL5/Hz.

    You can use CC, Cash, MO. I use CC/Debit Card.

    If you want a Pure Indica from them, get the Paki Chitral x Blue Orca.

    For a mostly pure Sativa, go for the NL5/Haze. This is the Original 1988 Release from Nevil, and is very powerful, and long lasting. Has a Warning.

    Send for a Seed Request, and you will get an Email with Seed Choices, and then you will follow link to Donation Payment. Make Dontaion, then go back and give Swami the Email Conformation with what seeds ordered, how many, and Name/Address.

    You will also get extras, and probably another free pack of seeds.

    Youll thank me later.
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  8. There's a lot of domestic seed banks. The thing about using a pre paid card is that not all of them are created equal, many don't work outside the US. I've sent cash overseas for seeds, against the advice of everyone around me, and that worked as well and those are growing as we speak. If you find a bank you want to use, research the shit out of it
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  9. Ive sent cash literally hundreds of times since the early 2000s. Ive NEVER lost my mosey, but I always make sure the money cannot be seen, and that I Tape the Lip Shut along with using the glue. Ive spent at least $15,000USD over the years on seeds.
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  10. I've spend thousands of dollars with Attitude Seed Bank
    I always get the guaranteed shipping option, I've have had my seeds seized by US Customs several times, and Attitude Seeds will reship your order as many times as it takes for you to receive it.

    I had one order seized 3 times and Attitude reshipped my order every time until I got my seeds.
    Two Thumbs Up to Attitude Seed Bank :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
  11. Wow that fact that they resent the order that many times truly speaks volume! Makes me wonder though, is it a complete gamble of whether or not your seeds are going to be seized or not? Of course depending on if it's legal in your state but still
  12. Well cannabis is against federal law, thus US customs will seize all cannabis seeds, and the gamble is if they open you package or not...

    But yes, Attitude is a stand up company, I've ordered seeds from them for the past 8yrs now, and EVERY TIME my seeds got seized, they reshipped my order. One time my order of $1,200 got seized, I sent them a pic of the package (with the green Customs tape on it), they apologized to me it got seized, and they promptly resent my order.

    The only thing, if your order does get seized and they need to reship, the freebie seeds you get with your order may change, but when they happens, I usually end up with better freebie strains..

    I've been ordering seeds a LONG time now and I've never ordered from any other seed company.

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  13. Treasure map:

    Facebook--- facebook group called cannabis seeds worldwide---- then solid seller ---- then paypal--then usps tracking--- them bamm

    Say hi to 5 female green cracks and 6 female gorilla glue

    I got 5 F gg for $25

    And guys are willing to trade and sell individually with tracking. All in us. Beat that.



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  14. I don't use FaceTrackingBook... LOL
    FaceTrackingBook is simply a data collection company and personally I don't like anyone knowing what I look like, nor my contacts, nor who I talk to, nor my chat conversations, nor the games I play, nor, nor, nor,
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  15. The seed banks are usually good on their end... I ordered 5 seeds from crop kings and they sent me and email with instructions.. didn't read it lol they put in a ballpoint pen with a letter saying thanks for the business buddy look at your email ! I was like bruh, wtfuckin fuck? I then saw an email saying the seeds were in the pen lmao.... All was good and is still good... but honestly if you have a couple grows under tour belt and have the funds, then order from doctor green thumb... 5 seeds are like 180-220, but have limited strains but are off the original mother plants they even have s disclaimer at the top of the homepage saying "we don't sell bullshit seeds, we sell seeds off the original mother plants, if you not satisfied them refund no matter what", so you know those plants are gonna be bomb as fuck.. have OG, bubba, bubba OG northern lights, Turkish hashplant just to name a few I can remember but that was 6 months ago
  16. Its 2017. They dont have the resources geez

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  17. Really tho... just gotta make sure it's legit
  18. Also, bad reputation for seed banks spread faster than a fucking wildfire. Find a place that will replace the seeds if they get caught in customs/ damaged in transit and will not tell you, the "valued customer," to fuck off if it happens.
  19. Can you order seeds from a seed bank in the US, and have them shipped to a prohibition state? Or should you order international? Help please

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  20. Either..should be fine.

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