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  1. Im a brand new grower. I was thinking of buying seeds online and i live in the US and i was wondering how safe is it to buy online. also i have another option of buying seeds from a friend of mine but if i buy from my friend i dont have the ablity of chosing or even knowing what stian im getting. Can anyone help me out.
  2. On a few occassions it's been reported that custom's seizes an inbound seed shipment and sends a scary letter in place of the confiscated seed order to the buyer. In those cases (that I have read about online) I've never seen a report of anything coming from it other than the "scary letter" itself, but people have speculated that your name might be put on a list, or some other spooky scenario.

    To me it seems that most of the risk in ordering seeds online is avoiding rip-off scams, incompetent vendors, the unrealistic marketing claims of unscrupulous breeders, etc. Even if one puts a lot of time in to researching stuff online it's sometimes hard to separate fact from fiction so you may not always be getting what you think you paid for.

    Another security issue, somewhat tangential to your question is: what happens if your mail man delivers your mail to the wrong house/apartment and let's say the people at that address open it, not paying much attention to the destination address. This could have bad consequences for the intended recipient but it's not the result of custom's diligence or an active law enforcement program. It's just dumb luck, the incompetence of the local mailman. Incidentally I receive pieces of my neighbor's mail all of the time. If I was to order seeds online I'd be more concerned about that kind of blunder, which could potentially blow up as a local law enforcement issue, than a custom's seizure.
  3. i would say for your first run or two just go with what you can get locally....just in case you have any problems...then once you get your shit dialed in correctly and you have a better knowhow in the grow room you can buy some quality genetics.

    this will make your life easier...and bagseed could still be headies!


  4. this is taking it to the extreme....Millions of americans in the US have ordered seeds from Attitude and Single Seed centre with no problems...its not illegal to obtain seeds its illegal to germinate and grow out...until then they are souvenirs
  5. how so?

    In Canada and the UK, and perhaps some other places it is legal to own seeds, in the US it isn't.
  6. is that so...can you tell me where i can see this law?

    And when it comes to growing good Medicine...
    If you are not willing to take the risk then you should just use bagseeds

    Good luck
  7. [quote name='RoloTomassi']how so?

    its extreme because it rarely happens
  8. In support of Puffer6:

    "The sterile marijuana seeds are specifically excluded from the definition of "marijuana" and are not a controlled substance under federal statute."
    [Public Law 91-153, Section 102 (15).], (a friends recent purchase) is where I would recommend any online purchases. The seed bank is very discreet and keeps no information. If purchased using a credit card, the statement shows the name "Hocus Pocus". Once purchased the seeds can be tracked using Royal Mail (overseas shipping co.). Royal Mail will have a tracking number that will be transferred to the united states postal service's tracking system once passed through customs. When you first receive the email confirmation number through Royal Mail you will be told that the package will require signature, however, this is not the case once transferred to the USPS.
    Once tracking begins here, the shipment came to the local post office in 2 days. The local mail person delivered it in the mailbox and that was that. The seeds were delivered in perfectly discreet packaging with a very ingenious way. Everything was Smoooth.

    These sentiments are irrelevant to the point at hand.
  10. its extreme because it rarely happens[/QUOTE]

    Let me get this straight. If it rarely snows in Florida, and I point out in a post that it rarely snows in Florida, and that one ought to be more concerned with it raining in Florida then I'm "taking it to the extreme". Okay, I think I got it.

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