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Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by Locus, May 7, 2003.

  1. if i order seeds from a good seed bank, i duno which yet..will they make me sign for it when it comes, because i don't want to do it that way..can i just make it come to my mail box?..and what is on the package?..can anyone recommend a site that would be good for me then?
  2. look at the other posts in the seed bank forum....especially BPP's list of recommended seed banks.....Peace out........Sid
  3. ask the seed bank your ordering from, they'll probelly tell ya.
  4. I've never signed for seeds.
  5. what do the seeds usually get delivered in? an envolope, or some kind of packge, or what?


  6. ok well from seedsdirect which seeds direct breeder should i go to on the list??? and which kind should i get?

  7. They come all different ways. Its different every time. But it doesn't come marked with MARIJUANA SEEDS on the outside.

    Which breeders at seedsdirect? I would choose which strain I wanted first then look at breeders. If you are a newbie at growing, always try the cheaper seeds first. You wouldn't want to f*ck up some $12 White Widow seeds when you could have fucked up $2 White Widow seeds.

    And IMHO, most MJ users can't tell the difference between high dollar and low dollar seeds when it comes time to smoke.
  8. I have found 2 seedbanks now that send there stuff registered, Quickseeds and one other I cant remember. I found out that if you care its a good idea to find out if the company youre dealing with usually ships registered mail. As far as I know none of BPP's reccomended seed banks do.
    And you can request that they not do that.
  9. what does registered mail mean?
  10. Two things

    It can be traced by the sender
    It has to be signed for.

    Im of the opinon that being registered does not increase your chances of getting caught. It might elevate ones paranoia level though.
  11. seedsdirect is not registered right?
  12. No, Not registered
  13. I think it is?

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