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Discussion in 'General' started by bbaxwwall, Aug 8, 2017.

  1. I'm really new to forums and I couldn't find anything really about my issue specifically so I thought I might try and post something here to see if that would help. Anyway, I'm a dumbass, I acknowledge that, and I am well aware that I did stupid shit. However, I am just looking for some clarification to maybe keep me from completely losing my shit.

    About a week ago I was upset that my boyfriend was leaving for a week and since he is a lot of my impulse control, I got high as fuck and decided to fuckin order weed online. I'm pretty much a hermit with severe social anxiety and trust issues so getting weed from other people in person is pretty difficult for me, and I have actually ordered weed online from a regular website before successfully. This time however, I'm fairly certain my dumbass waltzed right into a scam. I emailed the guy last night to ask about the shipment and he said it would be delivered in the morning, when I emailed this morning he said it had been seized and the feds would want to see my medical card. I don't have a card, and he tried to get me to talk to some friend of his that could hook me up with on for a reasonable price. I know the laws in my state though, and in Maryland you can only legally get marijuana from dispensaries if you have a card, you cant order it because it has to be from specific growers.

    I know this all feels sketchy and I know it was my mistake, but im just looking for some sort of reaffirmation that this is probably all a scam because honestly id be fine with losing the money as long as the law doesnt come after me.
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  2. You got scammed. The police don't care about you and your BF is lame for not leaving you any bud.
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  3. Who even attempts to buy weed online lmao just do what everyone else does go see your plug and score
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  4. People that are on 3 different anxiety meds and are scared to leave the house. Like I said, it was a stupid mistake that I dont fully remember making
  5. Thats what I thought, but also my bf doesn't smoke so :sad:
  6. i think that if you really do suffer from bad anxiety issues and your state is legal ,,you should be able to get a Med card from your Dr ,,,just try ,,,best of luck ,, /...mac,..
  7. Step 1. Move to a green state
    Step 2. Order weed from delivery service
    Step 3. Pay for weed when he arrives after you choose strain and inspect it
    Step 4. Get high
    Simple as can be
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  8. Scared to leave the house how old are you? And if you can't leave the house that means you probably don't work, how do you make money to buy weed?

  9. Just ignore the messages, it's your anxiety. You lost the money but hey. However you got the last bit of bud you smoked, stick to that and you should probably look into getting a medical card anyway if youre somewhere legal and actively buying cannabis

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  10. Definitely scammed, there are way too many holes in the story. The "cops took your stuff" excuse is probably older than you are and is a classic ripoff method.

    Kudos to them though for doubling down and trying to "hook you up" with a friend. Odds are it would have been fake weed at best, or a straight up robbery at the worst.
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  11. Could prly use a couple more commas here
  12. finger ,went wild ,,,,,,,it must be nerves ,,,,,mac,

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